NBA 2022-23 Season Catch-All

Knicks lose, Lakers lose. Now if the Celtics lose it's a perfect Christmas

@DragonflyJonez wrote:

I'm not a "Grizz need to shut up and win something" guy. I love sh*t talking. And ok we get it. Yall ain't scared of the Warriors. When yall gonna have something for them is the question tho. That young and fearless shtick only goes so far when the old heads keep bustin yall ass

This late game is insane. Not even Christmas in 2 time zones but this is the best Christmas Day game in a while

Jokic 41, 15 and 15. My goodness


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Fun fact: Steven Adams has not turned 30 yet

Abso-f*cking-lutely not. I refuse to believe it.

Prederick wrote:


That was a really great game. And this dunk had me screaming. In part because of the way he took it out on the break by himself with the intent to put the nail in the coffin.

That is what the Suns get for wearing stupid uniform colors.

Prederick wrote:
@KerithBurke wrote:

Fun fact: Steven Adams has not turned 30 yet

Abso-f*cking-lutely not. I refuse to believe it.

That can’t possibly be true.

He'll be 30 in July

Is Joker the best offensive player we've ever seen?

Good grief



Can someone tell Luca that he would enjoy himself more if he turned the difficulty up?

To be fair though, Dallas is 19-16.

I think it's both organizational malprctice at this point (h/t to Bomani Jones) but also... like, the Mavs are running the Bel Air Academy offense right now.

Luka's having an absolutely historic season and I don't think he has a chance of getting to the finals, much less winning them.

Sacramento's been so bad for so long, I think they've got the best crowd in the game right now becuase those people have been DESPERATE to have even a half-competent team.


still thinking about this king. 20,000 people staring for 30 minutes, judging, growing impatient. never once flinched. never once dropped it. never once left his post. just kept the faith that if he put the level on top of that thing enough times, the bubble would change its mind

Yeah that delay was ridiculous. I was watching the game and after a while they had a counter on screen that got to over 40 minutes. They could have just brought out a whole new stanchion and basket in that time.

Did they have another one?

Honest question. There's got to be a plan for when Shaq breaks a backboard, right?

Zion strained a hammy, out for several weeks.


2 minutes into this DEN-LAC game and watching Jokic is like watching a 6'11" peak Magic dishing the ball around. Just pinpoint and smooth touch. His teammates don't even have to move their hands.

With a piece from the Athletic's Raptors beat writer today it seems NBA Media are starting to notice that the vaunted Raptors Player Development hasn't lived up to its reputation since Nick Nurse became head coach.

Just immense congratulations to Jimmy Butler, whose troll team photo at the outset of the season has annoyed ESPN to the point that they're apparently using his photo from NBA 2K now instead:


The troll photo, below:


Exceptionally well-done.

Top_Shelf wrote:

Is Joker the best offensive player we've ever seen?

Sure if we ignore he gets away with carry’s and walks to an almost absurd degree.

So does everyone else in today's NBA...

Sorry I’m just a hater.

Oh yeah NBA daytime hoops on holiday. Love it.

48-8-9 for LeBron in a game where he literally played against the son of someone he played against as a rookie.

He was also playing against the son of someone he played against 10+ years into his career.

(Jabari Smith Jr. and Kenyon Martin Jr.)