IGWJD 2021

Vote Now: Choose the Date for 2022 International GWJ Day!


The IGWJD 2022 Date Selection Survey

Hello everyone! To help plan for International Gamers With Jobs Day 2022, please take a moment to provide your feedback on which weekend would work best for you. In order to facilitate planning, the last day for voting submissions will be 11pm ET on Friday, September 30th.

The IGWJD 2022 Date Selection Survey

Online Hangouts

Last year, we had multiple groups scheduling online play dates, game sessions, and more—there were lots of groups hopping in and out of our Discord, and it was lovely for folks to mingle and visit with one another and play games!

On October 1st, we'll be posting an update with the settled date, including any links to relevant threads or plans created over the next few weeks. In the past, we've used Google Sheets and apps like Calendly to schedule and coordinate times. Multiplayer video games, online boardgaming, and tabletop RPGs are all welcome! Currently, the discord scheduler bot, Apollo, is under maintenance, but will post updates if it becomes available.

In-Person Meets

Gather 'round and game! If folks are interested in safely coordinating in-person meetups, we suggest ensuring everyone observes local health mandates in your areas and takes any precautions you feel comfortable with.

Traditionally, folks will create their own local meetup threads. If this happens, please be sure to post a link here so we can list it in the OP.

Game on and spend a little time with the lovely folks in this community!