Is there a kukri I haven’t yet found?

sometimesdee wrote:

Is there a kukri I haven’t yet found?

There should be tiny one hidden in the horn.

I knocked off most of the glitter trying to find it, a$$hole.

pyxistyx wrote:

Folks, whoever my Stanta is might want to hold fire, as I think I have to pull out this year, for reasons I've PM'd to Trichy. It sucks but basically through no fault of my own I just can't afford it at the moment, and on top of that i'm teetering on the edge of burnout art-wise right now so I can't really even guarantee being able to do a cool art thing this year either, and having this over my head on top of everything else is just one stress too much at the moment.

So yeah...apologies to my Stanta, but i'm hoping Trichy can do some magic in the background and figure out some redirects.

Hugs and Love Pixie! Stanmas understands and we are here for you.

As it is Black Friday in the US, today is a good stalking/shopping/opening volley day.

Did some snooping and pulled the trigger on a small handful of gifts

Unfortunately, the AUD to USD exchange rate is abysmal so I had to be a little more conservative this year with my budget, but I hope my victim enjoys the goodies! Not sure if they'll arrive together or not as Amazon seems a little different overseas!

Gifts away! They maybe appear unwrapped and random in the next few days .. hope my victim enjoys!


Ug, I'm way behind this year. But worry not Stantee, I will make it!

If whoever has me hasn't finished their shopping, I'm a size L and would love one of those Atrevida Mexican hoodies.

Paleocon wrote:

If whoever has me hasn't finished their shopping, I'm a size L and would love one of those Atrevida Mexican hoodies.

I am a size Mustang Mach-E.


I'm getting a late start too, but I have some ideas!

I'm so curious about this thing that has horns, glitter, and a tiny kukri.

SillyRabbit wrote:

I'm so curious about this thing that has horns, glitter, and a tiny kukri. :)

Well, as you get older, your body changes. It's normal to be curious about these things.

Shopping has commenced. Gifts away soon.

Shopping for my victim has finished. Now to await Jeff Bezo's Garage Sale Superstore to send everything my way to be repackaged and shipped south-westward.

First gift is away. Slowly. Like a desert arachnid stalking its prey, tail raised in gifting anticipation.

And as I begin to plan future gifts, I imagine a queue of skewered murderbutts, each gifting paralyzing joy to the one before it.

And that leads me somehow to:



I'm sorry and you're welcome.

Why did I click that.

Looks crunchy!


A strange package came from the evil river company. More oddly, the delivery truck only had one wheel.

More details incoming!

There should be 2 more items incoming from the same evil company. It says between Dec 2-9, hopefully sooner rather than later!

SillyRabbit wrote:

I'm getting a late start too, but I have some ideas!

I'm so curious about this thing that has horns, glitter, and a tiny kukri. :)


It doesn't actually have a kukri, as far as I know, much to my dismay.

I am not sure who my stalker is, but he/she is both thorough and incredibly generous.

A box arrived from Jeff Bezos' Discount Scorpion Warehouse with my name on it. I immediately opened it and discovered *gasp* a scorpion. I set the box down and will revisit once my stamina has recovered to see what else was being guarded by this happy Murderbutt.

I have returned from fully investigating what was hidden behind this Murderbutt.


Amazing! The visual stories of the universes’ best bounty hunters.

Anime doesn't get much better than Cowboy Bebop

My victim's goodies have been purchased and should be shipped soon.

Someone in the US is getting something nummy from the Great White North.

Thank you Stanta!
Have heard good things about this game and look forward to cracking it open with my gaming group soon. I understand it's pretty good solo too, bonus. Cheers and happy Festive times!


I have finally unwrapped and taken pictures of everything.

My Stanta, A_Unicycle, was super generous and gave me...


BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development, Persona 5 Royal, and if I want to be social and spend time with others... Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Spot It!

And just when I thought that the generous gifts were over and I could collect them and take a picture, I find another package, which, for days I thought was a book I ordered for my son. But I was wrong, it was one of my favorite graphic novels that I was forced to part with in grad school for... well... food I think.


Thank you so much Stanta. Once again, I am sure the best gifts I receive this holiday will be from you (all). And thank you AU, because you are awesome.

Phase 1 of gifts have been sent. Phase 2, Custom Boogaloo is complete, to be shipped to me tomorrow. Will add local goodies before sending it to its destination.

I've been informed that she can't complete the item. Apologies, but my Stantee will have to be satisfied with Phase 1, though by all accounts, he seems to be.