NFL 2022: The Week 1 thread


It's honestly really kind of impressive in a very sad way.

Watching MNF Countdown and they're doing the hagiography thing for Russ, showing him meeting John Elway for the first time in the building.

On local radio, an ex-NFL QB (Hugh Millen, Aikman's backup) is constantly talking about how short Russ was and how that was a problem.

Watching Elway size up the NOTICEABLY SMALLER Russ standing next to the 60-something Greatest Ever, I like to think Elway was thinking, "This guy's going to be too small..."

Manning Cast!

Geno doing GENO THINGS.

I am now 150% rooting for Geno Smith.

Chris Berman still a thing.

Boomers have to be the most selfish generation in the history of generations.

Prederick wrote:

I am now 150% rooting for Geno Smith.

Same. God I want him to pitch a perfect game.

DJ Dallas knows what that #31 jersey means. Love him doing the fist pound.

All you Virginia Tech fans know too.

Kam Chancellor.


This game is getting silly.

That was a fun game.

Hackett got scared. Should’ve gone for the 4th down where they kicked both field goals.

Ridiculous. I had TJ Lockett who just needed a single additional point to get me the win in Fantasy. That was a hell of a game to watch, though.

Weird time to kill clock and start playing safe for FG, when you're not even across midfield.

Game was in Seattle, not Denver. Maybe they forgot and thought they could kick 60 yards easy? Jeez

Step 1. Pay Russell Wilson $245 million.

Step 2. Take the ball out of his hands on 4th and 5 so your kicker can miss a 64-yard attempt twice.


BizzaroWorld being on the receiving end of Russ Time.

On the flip side, I enjoyed being able to consume the game for its own benefits, without concern for Russ Heroics and their impact on our team's immortal soul.

Felt like dispassionate football, a thing I can actually enjoy.

This wouldn't have happened if Homer Jay Simpson still owned the Broncos, I can tell you that right now.

"Settling for a 50 yard FG with the game on the line is a bad idea."


--Nathan Hackett, probably

What a game. Haven't heard it that loud in years.

As everyone predicted, Seahawks in sole possession of the NFC West!

Week 2.

It's early because I have family business to attend to and I won't be tethered to the interwebs like I normally am.

It's probably better that way. Now PFT is trying to convince me that a new camera angle PROVES that Jacoby Brissett faked a spike despite not bringing the ball above his waist. I mean, come on.