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Yeah, or perhaps it should be at least an option? I'm ok with playing the "normal" way a bit more but I'm sure at some point I'd take being able to unlock whatever I have not seen.

I also think it could use a couple more UI "quality of life" things to help you navigate the game. The bookmark using the heart button is helpful but it would be even better if there were tags with different colors. Or maybe the ability to store notes in the game such that you can link your notes to each clip.

Edit: Total agreement that at least some better sort of index of clips should be more scannable after the credits, at least for the clips you've seen.



Marissa's (not) aging

I finally found the clip again, the one halfwaywrong mentioned.


In Minksy 49C The Immortal talks about how she wasn't ready to lose Marissa when she took John. And in the interview clip, John mentions he hasn't seen Marissa since they stopped filming Minksy.

The Immortal mentions in 2OE 42B that Arther Fischer brought her (as John Durick) the Ambrosio negatives he'd stolen and while watching them she "... realized I missed Marissa and spontaneously brought her back".

Still hunting down the clip of her saying the you could be 2 things but you'd have to be "crazy or powerful".

Pink Stripes wrote:

I rolled credits yesterday and I made enough sense of the story (I pretty much agree with what Shawn and Amoebic said on the podcast) but I had one big loose end...


...and that's Marissa's age / lack of aging. In one of the talk show interview clips around the Minsky time (1970), she says she is 20 years old. That would make her about 50 in the time of 2oE (1999) but she's playing a 25 y/o character and clearly does not look 50. I find it hard to believe that no one would know anything about her to the point of not realizing her age. Now, I unlocked a clip where Marissa (dressed as Heather) is looking at herself in the mirror and when you rewind it at the right time she transforms into a middle-aged woman that I have not seen in any other clips in the game. When I used the eye tool on that woman, it took me to another clip of Marissa. That makes me thing this woman is Marissa at 50 years old. The question is still how The One can apparently hide her age from other people somehow.


My take on this comes from one of the talk show clips that the Immortal is on when she talks about being able to "die" on command, then come back.

So my assumption was that she"slept" the 30 ish years between Minsky and 2OE.

Mind you, I haven't seen the middle-aged Marissa clip....

EDIT - unless by "middle-aged Marissa", you mean The Other?

The last few days I've slowed down finding new clips, so I found some videos on YouTube which shows all the scenes, which helped me get the last few.

I'm now starting to wade into the spoiler discussions.

This game is unforgettable.

Small spoiler about the main mechanism, which I think is far more powerful to discover on your own. (so go play it, if you haven't!)


The first time IT happens, my wife and I were mid-discussion about the scene we had been watching. Our jaws drop and we just stare at each other for a minute and listen. We were maybe about an hour in, which speaks to how well hidden it is.

Just curious what the first scene everyone watched was? If I remember right there's a bunch available at first but once you pick one, everything else is locked until you 'discover' it. We picked Marissa's 'johnny carson' interview which was a cool bit of context to have going in to the rest of the game.

My first scene was a table rehearsal for Ambrosio, which quickly establishes the power dynamics and the horniness.

Huh. Ambrosio has its own IMDB page.

Putting the video behind spoilers because you should only watch this if you've finished the game, but here's a replay of a live-stream with the two lead actors from Immortality.

Aristophan wrote:

Huh. Ambrosio has its own IMDB page.

All three films are in IMDB. It's funny, when I looked up Manon Gage (the actress for Marissa), I noticed these films and not much else. I'm like "is Manon even a real person? How far does this rabbit hole really go?!"