RIP - Anne Heche

Anne Heche, Star of 'Another World' and 'Men in Trees', Dies at 53

The family's rep confirms to PEOPLE that, while Heche is legally dead according to California law, her heart is still beating and she has not been taken off life support in order to allow OneLegacy Foundation enough time to find recipients who will be a match.

It seemed like the last few years involved a lot of rehab for her still she is doing some great good by being an organ doner.

I never quite know what to say during a death like this. She obviously had issues and put others in danger but it's still very sad.

Yeah, this one is extra grim.

I’m thankful she didn’t kill anyone else doing what she did. I’m sympathetic because I know people that have similar struggles with mental health and addiction. It’s really hard and no matter how much money you may have it’s still very isolating and terrible to deal with.