[Discussion] More Than Words and Voting

A place to discuss concrete action we can take, will take, or are taking besides voting to fix this mess.

Things you can do:

  • Donate to local campaigns
  • Phone bank
  • Call your state and federal reps
  • Local Mutual Aid Organizations
  • Run for local office or support local campaigns
  • Support alternative power structures
  • Unionize your job
  • Agitate for ranked choice voting
  • Start state-wide ballot initiatives
  • TBD ...

I will update as we go.

Mutual aid.

Alternative power structures.

All stuff the christofascists have been doing for years.

H.P. Lovesauce wrote:

Mutual aid.

Alternative power structures.


I have been noodling an idea in the back of my head for a year or so to build a web site that has model language for state-wide ballot initiatives. The way I see it, state-wide referendums or whatever they are called in your state is the only way to overcome gerrymandering. So having a resource for people to go to that has copy and paste language for securing rights and and the basic steps for getting on the ballot in every state. I could scrape something together pretty quickly with github pages, just need a clever domain name, a little legal research, and a babysitter.

The recent Kansas success has really cemented my desire to do this.