Company of Heroes 3 - To Italy AND BEYOND!

So pushing through to the final stages of the campaign I think. The mission in Anzio was by far the toughest so far - sustaining a rolling offensive on two fronts is quite difficult it turns out. That said - and this is I think part of the crowning glory of CoH3 - it was never not fun, even if I failed the first time.

Definitely some things I think they could look at though, especially on the strategic map - German Emplacements seem broken at the moment, they never seems to lose supply and trying to use the Partizans to remove them doesn't seem to work either. I think that's a bug with the current build, it's only Artillery barrages or Air bombing runs that remove them. It probably doesn't matter that much, but there are so many of them it just turns into an annoying chore to remove them. I am wondering that if they aren't being used then they don't lose supply over time, which seems a little retroactive.

I reported that Airlift bug to Relic, they've acknowledge the problem and are looking into it. Allegedly.

First big update is due. There is daily challenge and the ability to earn "merit" completing and then unlocking cosmetic items for your squads. You can also pay for these. Although they say there are 1300 bug fixes and balances incoming, but this most feelings a monitised update more focused on that and the multiplayer aspects of the game.

I've also just finished the Italy campaign which was a lot of fun while also being rather confusing at the end - it doesn't end in Rome, it ends in breaking the Winter Line. While I had a lot of fun with the gameplay, the Strategic map in particular feels only half finished given the following issues I had:

1. German emplacements never running out of supply
2. None of the Partizan abilities working (apart from forward recon which had limited scope tbh)
3. Occassional times companies got stuck on the map.

There other options that made little sense in committing resources to - building aircraft carriers for example - and the one resource that really mattered - ammunition for artillery barrages always in short supply. Maybe that's not a bad thing but compared to the fact that neither manpower or fuel ever felt like limiting resources it just made it stand out more.

There were some company upgrades I missed and will definitely bee-line too next time I play, such as eliminating enemy emplacements not costing an action point but that lies within my final issue, which is the game just not bothering to explain half the abilities you can unlock and use as you play.

It's good, but not great.

FYI, you can cheese the daily and weekly challenges using the Cheatcommands Mod and custom games.
They patched out the ability to use mods when doing challenges.

With the new - heavily multiplayer and monetised focused - update, I have had repeated and consistent CTDs attempting the first mission of the Italy campaign.

I would strongly recommend that people give this game a good couple of months to settle before investing. I can't deny that I haven't really enjoyed the gameplay, but some of the support and strategic feature in the single player campaign have never worked and it needs a hard balance pass.

Posting this here for want of anywhere else to put it, but Relic Entertainment are parting ways with SEGA to become a fully independent studio.

How this impacts future development of this game and the others remains to be seen.

Damn, doesn't sound good since it involves a bunch of job losses. Hopefully Microsoft picks them up as Age of Empires 4 was excellent.

EvilDead wrote:

Damn, doesn't sound good since it involves a bunch of job losses. Hopefully Microsoft picks them up as Age of Empires 4 was excellent.

Yeah the job losses appear to be for other studios still belonging to SEGA. It sounds like Creative Assembly (Total War) are going to be baring the brunt of those. I guess the whole project hyena thing is coming home to roost.

Someone has given Relic a huge cash injection so they can go independent.

Maybe DoW 4 in the offing?

PWAlessi wrote:

Maybe DoW 4 in the offing?

I would not object to that, provided they forget everything they tried for DoW 3