2022/23 Soccer Thread: And We're Back!

Prederick wrote:

Without dragging us too far into D&D, I saw the clips from GBNews' "Alternative MotD" and Good Christ.

Talk about the "soft bigotry of low expectations."

I'm not sure if I'm impressed or disgusted that you went that far to be honest.......!

It appeared on my Twitter feed, along with other videos of car and train crashes.


I refuse. You already took Fabio, you aren't allowed to take anyone other Portuguese people from us until at least 2024.

Marco Silva is eyed by rival clubs


Right now I believe we’re interested in about 124 midfielders. I’m not sure where we’re going to fit them all in to be honest.

Ask Chelsea for some ideas?

omni wrote:

Ask Chelsea for some ideas?

I more regard that as ‘how not to do it’ to be fair

World Cup 2026: four-team groups and 104 game-tournament confirmed by Fifa

The 2026 World Cup finals in the United States, Canada and Mexico will feature a record 104 games, including a new last-32 stage, after Fifa scrapped its controversial plans for three-team groups.

The extended 48-team tournament will run for 38 or 39 days – instead of 32 in Qatar – and consist of 12 groups of four, with the top two and the eight best third-placed sides progressing to the knockout stages. There will be 40 more matches than were played at Qatar 2022, raising fresh concerns about player welfare.

Fifa said its decision to ditch the three-group format had come after a “thorough review that considered sporting integrity, player welfare, team travel, commercial and sporting attractiveness, as well as team and fan experience”.

@@RobHarris wrote:

Competitions a Premier League player from Europe could compete in from 2025:
- World Cup
- Euros
- Nations Lge
- FIFA World Series
- Finalissima

- PL
- FA Cup
- Lge Cup
- Comm Shield
- UEFA Super Cup
- 32-team FIFA Club WC
- New annual FIFA club match

@MiguelDelaney wrote:

32-team Club World Cup to be played every four years from 2025

A cap of two clubs per country with exception in case more than two clubs from the same country win the confederation’s premier club competition over the four-year period

Plus the Olympics, if you're age appropriate.

Well, that's why you sign Erling Haaland.

EDIT: Just caught that "handball."

Gracious that's.... between that and Ederson... yikes.

That Haaland fellow. He’s got a future in football. You heard it here first!

'kin hell

The seventh goal was a beauty. Not like those other six.

Meanwhile, from The Athletic:

Erling Haaland has now scored 1.9% of all Manchester City goals in Premier League and Champions League history. This is his first season at the club.

Inside information on the reason of Haaland being subbed:





In other news, I doubt it will happen but I would love for top-level players to come together and tell Infantino to go f*ck himself.

Gianni Infantino: Fifa president says 'way more' football is needed after re-election

Fifa president Gianni Infantino says there is a need for "way more" football after being re-elected until 2027.

World football's governing body has this week announced an expanded 2026 World Cup and unveiled a new 32-team Club World Cup.

But the expansion of the football calendar has been criticised by player unions and La Liga.

"When I hear there is too much football, yes, maybe in some places, but not everywhere," said Infantino.

"In fact, in most parts of the world there is not enough football played.

"We need way more and not less competitions, we want football to develop worldwide.

"We are discussing organising a women's Club World Cup and a Fifa World Series in March every two years, when teams are free from playing qualifiers."

The 2026 World Cup, which will be held in the United States, Mexico and Canada, will see the number of teams increase from 32 to 48.

The tournament will have 104 matches rather than a projected 80, after Fifa changed a proposed format of 16 three-team groups to 12 groups of four.

There will also be a new last-32 round and countries will have to play eight matches to win the tournament, compared to seven at the 2022 World Cup.

The 32-team Club World Cup will take place every four years from June 2025.

Players union Fifpro and the Professional Footballers' Association have raised concerns about the demands on players, while La Liga said Fifa's plans showed a "complete disregard" for the football community.

Marcus Rashford. Good lord. We need a stronger word for "in-form."

Like "f*cking hell."

@ESPNFC wrote:

Thierry Henry has turned down the chance to coach the France women's national team.

Sources have told ESPN that Henry is keen on the vacant USMNT head coach position


I mean, smart to avoid Reactor No. 4 over there at the women's team, but the USMNT?

Also, while I really would love for Thierry to be a successful manager, the track record so far ain't great. I've seen him speak about it and it seems like the problem a lot of really great athletes run into. They know what to do and how to do it, and they expect everyone else to be able to do what they do, which.... everyone else just can't!



Commentator during Arsenal Sporting game is quoting Xhaka that Arteta helped to change their diets and their body fat % dropped.

Huh what? Second coming of Wenger.

I thought Wenger did that in the 90s and we were already beyond that.


That's an equalizer.

Woah. What a goal from Sporting.

Well, well, well... I guess Arsenal can focus on winning the league now.

I mean, if I'm an Arsenal fan, I'm mostly sad that we lost in penalties and not in 90 minutes.

slazev wrote:

Well, well, well... I guess Arsenal can focus on winning the league now.

They always were with the starting lineups Arteta put out and I was totally fine with that.

Crystal Palace have sacked Patrick Vieira

With this CL draw, I'm pretty sure Napoli will be in the final.

Sorbicol wrote:

Crystal Palace have sacked Patrick Vieira

Rumors are that they're thinking about bringing Roy back, which...

...no. Impossible. I love Roy, but no. Let that man stay retired.

I really think that when they are playing lower league opposition Manchester City should be forced to play 5 players and Rush Goalie. Burnley are getting absolutely schooled here.

In other news, Spurs are still Spurs and the relegation battle this season is spectacular.

4 points covers everyone from 12th-20th. Leeds have Arsenal, but then Forest and Palace, both at home. It's going to be one hell of a ride in these last few months. Our last 2 game are Man City and Newcastle, so we really need to be safe before than please.

Just. Fire. Conte already.

He hates all of you, you hate him. Just end it. What a toxic-ass relationship.

Also, boy howdy, that really showed the PL-Championship gulf, didn't it?

Burnley are just crushing the Championship right now and they got annihilated.

Dear oh dear Fulham

Convincingly beating Man United at Old Trafford, then implode over one clear handball penalty. So much for Mitrovic playing the next 8 games. Never seen 3 red cards in 2 minutes, even if one was for Silva.