Callisto Protocol Catch All

Out of the plethora of ’horror on a space station/ship’ games that were recently revealed I’m, by far, the most excited for Callisto Protocol or, to put it another way, it looks the most terrifying and has the strongest immediate appeal for me. Fort Solus has potential, especially with the stellar voice actors who are involved (and I suspect they haven’t shown us the true game yet. The way it was described by Troy and Roger sounded very interesting.) I’m also hoping the Dead Space Remake is good, speaking as someone who bounced off the original.

Aaaaaaaanyway, here is a Callisto Protocol thread! Whoo!!


The second trailer:


Glen Schofield interview:

This game just looks like a straight up Dead Space clone, and I am here for it 100%. I wish it hadn't taken us this long to bring back the AAA space survival horror games, but I'm glad they are finally coming.

Yeah, I missed out on or didn’t click with, previous ‘horror in space’ games so I’m down for a few now. Likely they won’t all be winners but one great game will be enough. They all show promise.

Callisto Protocol seems like the ideal continuation of the Dead Space concept. Not beholden to the rest of the series but able to learn the lessons and take the best elements from it.