GWJ Conference Call 820

Tinyfolks (PC),The Cycle: Frontier (PC), Shadowrun Trilogy (PS5), SuperEpic (Switch), Timelie (Switch), Gordian Quest 1.0, Citizen Sleeper (PC).

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Amanda, Rich, Julian, and Andrew discuss their longest gaming partnerships.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:01:26 Tinyfolks
00:11:50 The Cycle: Frontier
00:14:35 Shadowrun Trilogy
00:18:57 SuperEpic: The Entertainment War
00:23:49 Timelie
00:26:47 Gordian Quest
00:33:24 Citizen Sleeper
00:37:28 Longest Gaming Partnerships
00:52:11 GWJ Housekeeping
00:54:24 Thread of the Week

Citizen Sleeper is absolutely one of my games of the year and I'm looking forward to a spoiler section about it. I can't wait for the DLC.

It's rare to find a game where I actually feel invested in my relationship with the NPCs and where narrative choices actually feel like they matter. It's also a game that you can engage with through many different themes that are so relevant in today's world. I particularly enjoyed the game's discussion of how trust emerges or is undermined in a society where law and law enforcement are not the anchor that you would expect it to be.

I'd recommend it to anyone here and definitely second the caveat that it's a better game for a screen where you're comfortable reading. That said, the reading is not a slog because of how well written it is and you don't have to go through walls of text.

Ahh I'm so glad you like it, too! New episode, Flux, is due sometime this month for Citizen Sleeper. Still listed as tbd on steam, but I keep checking just to see if there's an update. For those who haven't picked it up yet, as of the time of this post, there's still 35 hours left on the steam sale and you can get Citizen Sleeper for 20% off