PlayStation Plus Premium Catch-All


I thought a new thread was appropriate now that Sony's game pass competitor is live.

What are some hidden gems? What are games you would recommend? What are your experiences so far with the service and interface?

I found a list on reddit of all the games ranked by metacritic score. I don't think it's completely accurate. For some of the games they listed the PS4 metacritic score even if the game only has a couple reviews on that platform and had a many more on other platforms.

I downloaded Miles Morales and Ghost of Tsushima, though haven't fired either up yet. Planning to try out Stray when it arrives as well. I noticed Ys VIII and Ys IX are also on there, which I've had my eye on for years, but haven't pulled the trigger on.

I have been playing Returnal and enjoying it. It is not as hard - in the first biome - as I expected. I do wish it wasn't a rouge-like but it is fun for a bit.

And I saw this on Reddit

Here's a list of most of the Playstation Plus Extra titles sorted by Metacritic Review

KNACK: 100

Red Dead Redemption 2: 97


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End: 93


Celeste: 91

Shadow of the Colossus: 91

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4): 90

Rez Infinite: 89

Batman: Arkham Knight: 87

Bloodborne: 87

Dead Cells: 87

Fallout 4: 87

Final Fantasy VII: 87

Frostpunk: Console Edition: 87


Injustice 2: 87

Kingdom: New Lands: 87

Marvel's Spider-Man: 87

TowerFall Ascension: 87

XCOM 2: 87

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: 86


Control: Ultimate Edition (PS5): 85


DOOM: 85

Far Cry 4: 85

Final Fantasy IX: 85

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition: 85


Nioh: 85

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition: 85

South Park: The Stick of Truth: 85

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA: 85

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS5): 84

Bad North: 84

Chicken Police: 84

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster: 84


Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty: 84


Soulcalibur VI: 84

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: 84

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: 83

Chess Ultra: 83

ConnecTank: 83

Kingdom Two Crowns: 83

Terraria: 83

Astebreed: 82

Child of Light: 82


Desperados III:: 82

Enter the Gungeon:: 82

Ghost of a Tale: 82

Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4): 82

Outer Wilds: 82


The Messenger: 82

Wreckfest (PS4): 82

Ashen*: 81

AVICII Invector: 81

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: 81

Cities: Skylines: 81

Minit: 81

Moonlighter: 81

Overcooked! 2: 81

Tearaway Unfolded: 81

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter: 81

The Artful Escape (PS5): 81

Trackmania Turbo: 81

Warhammer: Vermintide 2: 81

Aragami: 80

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS4): 80

Assetto Corsa Competizione (PS5): 80

Children of Morta: 80

Clouds & Sheep 2: 80


Final Fantasy VIII Remastered: 80

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut: 80

Gravity Rush 2: 80

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition: 80

inFAMOUS Second Son: 80

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5): 80

Prison Architect: 80

Spitlings: 80

Tetris Effect: Connected: 80

Through the Darkest of Times: 80

Tom Clancy's The Division: 80

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince: 80

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox: 80


Fire Pro Wrestling World*: 79

I am Dead (PS5): 79

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: Console Edition: 79

LittleBigPlanet 3: 79

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: 79

Prey: 79

SOMA: 79

South Park: The Fractured but Whole: 79

Telling Lies: 79

Trials Fusion: 79

Trials Rising: 79

Until Dawn: 79

Wolfenstein: The New Order: 79

Wreckfest (PS5): 79

ABZU: 78

Age of Wonders: Planetfall: 78

Blasphemous: 78

Detroit: Become Human: 78

Descenders (PS4): 78


Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PS4): 78

Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PS5): 78

Fury Unleashed: 78

Ghostrunner (PS5): 78

John Wick Hex: 78

Little Nightmares: 78

This War of Mine: The Little Ones: 78

Wytchwood (PS4): 78

Darksiders Genesis: 77

Defense Grid 2: 77

Deliver Us the Moon (PS4): 77

Electronic Super Joy: 77

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition: 77

Hotshot Racing: 77

Hue: 77

Indivisible: 77

Observer: System Redux (PS5): 77

Sniper Elite 4: 77

Stellaris: Console Edition: 77

The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories: 77

Toukiden 2: 77

Valiant Hearts: The Great War: 77

Virginia: 77

World of Final Fantasy: 77

Ghostrunner (PS4): 76

JumpJet Rex: 76

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight: 76

NBA 2K22 (PS5): 76

PGA Tour 2K21: 76

The Wonderful 101: Remastered: 76

Tropico 5: 76

Victor Vran Overkill Edition: 76

Werewolves Within: 76

Battle Chasers: Nightwar: 75

Bomber Crew: 75

Concrete Genie: 75

Concrete Genie: Digital Deluxe Edition: 75

Dragon Star Varnir: 75


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number: 75

Infinite Minigolf: 75

Last Day of June: 75

My Time at Portia: 75

Observation: 75

Pure Pool: 75

Star Trek: Bridge Crew: 75

The Long Dark: 75

The Surge 2: 75

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round (PS4): 74

Death end re;Quest2: 74

Lost Words: Beyond the Page: 74

Masters of Anima: 74

Moving Out: 74

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Definitive Edition: 74

RIDE 4 (PS4): 74

Saints Row: The Third Remastered (PS4): 74

Starlink: Battle for Atlas: 74

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited: 74

The Turing Test*: 74

The Caligula Effect: Overdose: 74

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2: 74

Wild Guns Reloaded: 74

Control: Ultimate Edition (PS4): 73

Eagle Flight: 73

FIGHTING EX LAYER - Standard Version: 73

Greedfall (PS5): 73

inFAMOUS First Light: 73


LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham: 73

MXGP 2021 (PS5): 73

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2: 73

Nidhogg: 73

Nidhogg II: 73

Pure Hold'em World Poker Championship: 73

Raiden V: Director's Cut: 73


Star Ocean First Departure R: 73

Surviving Mars: 73

The Surge: 73

Death Squared: 72

El Hijo - A Wild West Tale: 72

Greedfall (PS4): 72

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept*: 72

Magicka 2: 72


Shadow Warrior 2: 72

Shadow Warrior 3: 72

Tricky Towers: 72

KNACK: 100

Wait, what?

UpToIsomorphism wrote:
KNACK: 100

Wait, what?

It joke.

And also appears to have other inaccuracies as stated in the OP where the list was already linked.

Yes the more you look the more oddities you see but I find it a good list to give me stuff to look for when I want to try a new game.

Observation is a fun puzzle/adventure with a unique twist.

I’ve started dabbling in the offerings. Victor Vran has been fun. I don’t think it will be a long term thing but I could see putting 10-15 hrs in a cheesy arpg.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a hack and slash game. I haven’t played a lot of them, but I’ve been looking for some mindless fun. Something maybe in the Dynasty Warriors genre

I put a little bit of time into ConnecTank. It seems like a neat little action puzzle strategy game.

I started messing around with Final Fantasy XV. It seems fun but bizarre. Not sure I'm ready to commit to a Final Fantasy right now.

Unsurprisingly given access to all these games I have played, I've probably have spent the most time playing Hot Shots Golf World Invitational. Hots Shots Gold is timeless.

I know this isn't the point of this thread, but... Fallout 4 is an 87 on Metacritic!? Eight points higher than Until Dawn (among many others)!? Who do I need to cull to rectify that aggregate?

So I'd highlight that: Until Dawn is great fun, a very high gloss production in a genre that often doesn't get that. Emily being the worst is the best. I know some wouldn't call it a "proper game," where you dick around with a clunky building interface while being pestered to go kill 5 raiders who spawn behind you at some shack on the other side of the map and the story insults your intelligence at every turn, but I liked it.

So I have upgraded to get access to some of the big hitters that I haven't played yet but my first download is Outer Wilds as everyone has raved so much about it.

I upgraded as well. My PS5 gets very little use, mostly b/c I bought digital and have trouble with the pricing for digital games.

I'll play a few of the big one's I've been wanting to play, Returnal, Demon Souls, GoT, etc.

bbk1980 wrote:

So I have upgraded to get access to some of the big hitters that I haven't played yet but my first download is Outer Wilds as everyone has raved so much about it.

Stick with Outer Wilds, it's that once or twice in a generation game that is absolutely magical to unravel.

Everyone should at least give Returnal a try if that's anything close to your jam. I'm gonna be playing co-op with Higgledy & my friend Daniel. If anyone else wants a helping hand just add me on PSN, although I'm not on as much as I used to be.

Can you please edit this thread title to have spaces around the slashes? The one big long word breaks navigating the Games section on mobile.

LeapingGnome wrote:

Can you please edit this thread title to have spaces around the slashes? The one big long word breaks navigating the Games section on mobile.

Thanks for the heads up. I changed it to just premium.

I was messing around with a few more games last night. I played Redeemer. It didn’t get the best reviews but it’s a lot of fun. It’s like a mix of Diablo and old school God of War. I can tell it is kind of a budget game, but it seems like an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

Shadow Warrior 3 seems like a fun actiony Doom like fps, but the tone was getting on my nerves.

We just upgraded and giving it a trial run for a month. Have enjoyed Children of Morta and just fired up Graveyard Keeper last night.

Just tagging in. I won't upgrade right now because I've already got the Spider-Man games, Returnal, etc. Not much difference for standard to extra for me at this point. Until I finish my PS+ monthly and collection backlog anyway.

Just did God of War on PS5 the last few weeks and it was fantastic. Maybe Days Gone next...

Started Miles Morales on the weekend, seems like the perfect way to get going! Also Darksiders Genesis, which is OK so far but definitely loses something in the change to overhead view.

Must admit I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of games I want to try and having 1-2 hours max per day for gaming. I hope they don't rotate the games too often...

I started Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend, which also seems like the perfect way to dive in. The production value is high, and it's nice to play a glossy linear triple-A single player game that isn't Uncharted. I also started Celeste. I'm not usually a 2D platformer guy, but thought there was no harm in trying it since I've heard nothing but good things over the years. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it, given the difficulty, but the art and music are nice.

I can recommend The Artful Escape, especially if you're looking for a palette cleanser between some of the bigger games. A pure dose of beauty and joy! I played it over the weekend and had a smile on my face the whole time.

I can't imagine anyone not liking it unless maybe you demand some kind of skill based gameplay or are a fan of folk music.

I think you’ll probably be okay if you like folk music, also.

Unless maybe if you were in the crowd booing Dylan for going electric.

PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium New Games - July 2022

Since I prefer list format to video, here you go:

  • Stray
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
  • Marvel's Avengers


  • Assassin’s Creed Unity | PS4
  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag | PS4
  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered | PS4
  • Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry | PS4
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection | PS4
  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected | PS4
  • Saints Row Gat out of Hell | PS4
  • Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition | PS5
  • Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure | PS4
  • Jumanji The Video Game | PS4
  • Paw Patrol on a Roll! | PS4
  • ReadySet Heroes | PS4

Classics coming to the Premium Tier

  • No Heroes Allowed!
  • LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

Having just finished Guardians of the Galaxy, I was thinking Avengers would also be the perfect game to add to the service. Both it and Stray will be the ones I check out first.

Avengers has a good single player campaign.

Aristophan wrote:

Avengers has a good single player campaign.

Yep just spend 15-20 hours with the story then toss it.

They added some additional story campaigns/characters to Avengers, right? Are they worth checking out?

Yeah Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and Black Panther are great continuations of the story.

Spider-Man is just email messages between stories you read for flavor and the missions are mostly the same generic crap. I assume the same for new Jane Foster. I don't follow much anymore but I can't imagine the game has long legs at this point.

Spirit of the North looks like a nice accompaniment to Stray (you play as a fox). Good month for animal lovers!

My daughter loved Spirit of the North and played through it multiple times. It's a pretty exploration game but it's got a fair share of bugs. The game has crashed plenty of times and she's gotten stuck in walls in a few places.

On a related note, I'm currently playing Deliver Us the Moon, in which you explore a deserted moon base while solving a few puzzles and uncovering what happened there. The setting is great but, ah, the bugs! Several times I've had to reset the game because objects that should be interactable are not, or the sound cuts out, or it fails to update mission objectives. It's a shame, I'm still really enjoying the game, but have wasted a fair bit of time looking for puzzle solutions that have bugged out.