In need of a post box in the USA

I have a humble request. I backed a Kickstarter a while ago and the creator messed up the international distribution by failing to register for VAT. This has led them to abandon all non-US backers, one of which is me.

They have agreed to send the item, which is a board game BTW, on to any US address or refund any non US based backers. Before I ask for my money back, due to the ineptitude of the Kickstarter creator, I wonder if anyone here on these fine forums would be willing to help me out? I'm based in the UK and would pay for any shipping costs for send on the game to me. This is the Kickstarter in question:

Deep Space D-6

Any help with this would be gratefully received

I have now secured a forwarding address, so no need for anyone's assistance here. Thank you for reading it though