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It's news you can use from places with different views! (Don't misuse or abuse you yahoos.)

So, can I start a thread for news from... uh... places that AREN'T the U.S/Europe? As I may have done before? Until something (I haven't looked and refuse to) happened?

The Philippines are having an election!

So, are you at all familiar with this guy?


Him and his wife (the lady with the shoes) were... let's go with "controversial" figures.

Anyway, his son is probably going to win the Presidency.

Polls opened in the Philippines on Monday as the country decides its next president in a polarising race between frontrunner Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the son of the late dictator, and a human rights lawyer who has vowed to tackle old, rotten politics.

Opinion surveys suggest Marcos Jr, known as Bongbong, is poised to win the election, despite his family’s notorious history of human rights abuses and corruption. The Marcoses plundered as much as $10bn from the state, while thousands of his opponents were arrested, tortured and killed.

Analysts say the Marcoses and their supporters have harnessed the power of social media to rebrand the family name and spread disinformation that downplays or denies past atrocities. False claims have been spread widely online, portraying Marcos Sr’s rule as a golden age of prosperity and peace. Marcos Jr denies any coordinated online network.

Marcos Jr has not apologised for his family’s political history, and instead praised his father as a “political genius”, and his mother, Imelda, as the dynasty’s “supreme politician” during a recent interview. Imelda Marcos, infamous for her collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes, is appealing against a 2018 criminal conviction on seven graft charges.

Marcos Jr, whose slogan is “together we shall rise again”, has campaigned with a message of unity and rekindling a former greatness.

Good times. Good, frustratingly familiar times.

Also, in news that surprises no one, the Taliban have basically gone back on every single one of their promises and reinstituted mandatory face veils for women.

I SWEAR TO GOD I posted this before I saw this:

How the Marcos family returned to power

The tl;dr is: the poor in the Phillipines believed the lies they were told, and also the Marcoses hitched their wagon to the current President, Duterte. Duterte is an extremely popular and extremely brutal leader, probably best known for advocating extrajudicial murder as a method of combating drug addiction.

So essentially, the Filipinos, much like their American counterparts, largely don’t mind if their political leaders enrich themselves while in office or brutalize the vulnerable.

#NotAll, obv.

Couple in India sue son for not giving them a grandchild

A couple in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand are suing their only son and his wife for not giving them a grandchild after six years of marriage.
Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad, 61 and 57, say they used up their savings raising their son, paying for his pilot's training as well as a lavish wedding.
They are demanding compensation worth nearly $650,000 (£525,000) if no grandchild is born within a year.
The highly unusual lawsuit was filed on grounds of "mental harassment".
Mr Prasad said he had spent all his savings on his son, sending him to the US in 2006 for pilot training at a cost of $65,000.
Shrey Sagar, 35, did eventually get a job as a pilot. His parents say they arranged his marriage to Shubhangi Sinha, now 31, in 2016, in the hope that they would have a "grandchild to play with" during their retirement.

Maybe get a pet instead?

Stop giving parents ideas!