Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate - Demonhunters

Has anyone played with the advanced classes?

I haven't even unlocked any class yet.

In fact I still don't know what I'm supposed to be doing to progress to boss fights / main missions. I assume you're supposed to research further down the seed tree to hit new milestones.

The strategic layer has a bit more to it than reviewers give it credit. Not only do you need to farm missions for requisition, if you keep avoiding the distant missions (as you push to complete 2 missions per bloom) those distant systems will accumulate bloom to the point you might have to issue an Exterminatus - and it looks like you only get 2 of those to deploy. I'm assuming this mechanism is intended to discourage lingering with Grand Master checkpoints to farm better gear / EXP instead of progressing the story.

Re servitors, what I found helped immensely with this is just making sure each bloom I finished 2 missions. That plus RNG resulted with more servitors than I can use up.

NathanialG wrote:

Has anyone played with the advanced classes?

There's advanced classes?!

Librarian, Paladin, Chaplain, and Flamer guy

I have a confession to make: I checked saves and it's only on standard difficulty. This game is hard!

I figured out how to progress the main story - read the darn mission objective and complete the relevant seed research task! Perhaps I simply didn't pay enough attention during the cutscenes.

Also, yes, there's definitely a doom counter - if a sector hits critical bloom level and it isn't lowered on the final bloom warning then you hit one doom counter pip out of a total 5. 5 pips and it's game over.

Be mindful that sometimes rather than seeking to clear 2/3 of missions per bloom, it might make a better decision to de-escalate the bloom level on an afflicted sector; the higher the bloom, the tougher the opponents.

One saving grace however - if you save onboard, the bloom missions appear to be randomised thus you can either min-max the number of missions you can reach and/or avoid a doom counter pip etc. It also helps with the difficult trials (like 3 Knights only or no willpower allowed). 3 Knights is viable on low bloom levels (you only fight cultists and the odd World Eater) but is nigh on impossible at higher bloom levels (every pod is a trio of World Eaters).

So, very mild spoiler, the first big story mission is actually a two-parter, but your squad does replenish between the two at least.

And that's good, because holy hell was I not at all ready for that second part. DAAAAMMMMN. I was on the ragged edge within a couple turns and it just didn't let up. First time I really thought I would have to restart!

Okay, so I cleared the doom timer counter last night on one system. It was hard - every round the enemy spawned a smaller pod (of either 2 plague marines or one big unit) and you had to push up aggressively to get the Inquisitor into position to close the chaos gate.

If you find yourself in this position, a couple of tips:

- as you push up, you can set overwatch over the warp points so you can mow down the plague marines as they teleport in - this let me save a ton of consumables and health on the advance to the chaos gate

- once you are in visual range of the objective, use the teleport stratagem to close in on the daemon and your Inquisitor can use her 100% one-hit banish skill to kill the mini boss. Then your squad can wail away on the bloom plants before securing the perimeter to meet the constant reinforcements

The bloom missions are quite important in that sense - pods are much harder to clear at high bloom levels, yet you cannot reach 3 systems in one round of bloom, forcing you to choose between blitzing 2 missions or beelining to a distant system with higher bloom level.

With this in mind, low bloom level systems are safer to rotate your B team Knights for easier XP gain.

I just cleared that story mission. Definitely worth grinding levels on standard bloom missions before heading in to progress the story.

The MVP in my squad is definitely the Interceptor. Feed them kills and AP and they'll basically clear pods for you. If it weren't for the utility of extra servo skulls to harvest seeds stress free I'd drop the Apothecary for either a second Interceptor or Purgator.

Also don't neglect farming bloom seeds! They have a use beyond basic research consumption - they're consumed to upgrade equipment.

Running two Justicars, an Interceptor, and an Apothecary. For me, it's tempting to remove the Apothecary for another Justicar, but I like the backup healing and Apothecaries are pretty solid combatants and seed harvesters. Purgators seem kind of useless right now.

But, because of the Justicar/Honor the Chapter tactic, the Interceptors are far out leveling everyone else.

You'll get more mileage from Purgators with Honour the Chapter, too. Their Psychic Onslaught charge is really good for AOE wiping out weaker targets and/or peeling off armour so the rest of your team can finish things off. They also get more powerful once you unlock the Supporting Fire perk.

Also, I think recruits come with random perks?! My starting Interceptor is deathless (can never die but starts with -2WP).

Justicars are an interesting class. Strong early on, but later they become buff bots with versatility - basically something the Apocethary should have been.

Oh btw there is a level cap for your Knights - it's level 9 meaning you can fill in about 60% of the total skill tree.

In saying that, a level 9 Knight feels powerful so the level cap, at least to me, is not a major constraint and it encourages build diversity in the rest of your squad.

One dumb thing I only learned from YT is that Justicars in Terminator gear can wield a melee weapon and psycannon - giving far more tactical options for a class that might otherwise be relegated to buff bot status.