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GWJ Merch Site is Live!


It’s finally here! Thank you for your patience while we rolled out the first public platform for our merch site. I hope you find something of interest or are inspired by designs you see to make requests for more goodies you can hold in your very own hands!

You can see everything available via the link here: GamersWithJobs Redbubble Shop

We can generally put any design onto (almost) any item—you’re not locked in to the combinations shown on the products page. To get to the product's page, go to "Explore Designs" and then click on Shop all Product to see everything currently available for a design. Not all designs work great on all products, however if there's a design that you want to see on a particular product, let me know and I'll see if we can make it work! As you browse, if you would like to see different colors or variations on any existing designs, please let me know so I can get those added. Also, if you have new design ideas that weren't already mentioned in the What’s in a GWJ Meme? thread, I would love to hear from you.

Here is a list of imagined questions that you might find useful!

Why Redbubble?

Redbubble has the widest array of available items and uses manufacturing plants all over the world to help reduce shipping costs. They have taken an automated approach to a lot of the logistics of running a merchandise hub, making it easy for sites like ours to create merchandise.

Is this connected to the Donation Drive?

No. We will continue to do annual donation drives.The Redbubble store is to sell stuff because people wanted stuff to buy! Redbubble sales will not reflect on your donation drive status and aren’t meant to be a comparative stand-in for direct donation rewards.

How much does GWJ get for each sale?

The default setting and platform standard is 20%. For example, If Redbubble prices an item at $10, we currently have the recommended markup set at 20%. This means the actual retail price paid by a customer would be $12, from which Redbubble takes $10 and GWJ makes $2. Shipping costs are not included in this pricing and are not dictated by us in any way; they're automatically calculated by the shipping address zip code.

Where does the money go and what will it be used for?

Currently, profits made from the merch shop would come directly to me. A portion of the funds would go towards helping pay for tools and services so I can continue to use resources like calendly, typeform, or Adobe Creative Suite for GWJ-related things, which I’ve been paying for out of my own pocket since I stopped taking income from the donation drive/patreon last year. Lump sums will be contributed towards the site migration funds whenever payouts occur for any remaining income. If we grow to have a store that experiences consistent sales, then I’d like to also use some of that income toward things like providing name badges to meetups and conventions, listener reward prizes for podcast participation with the audience, or funding artists to create commissioned work to be available for sale on the Redbubble site.

No dice? :(

Unfortunately, no dice on Redbubble. Due to licensing reasons between ourselves and Chessex, we aren’t allowed to directly sell dice. We are, however, allowed to give them away as prizes for donors and things like that. So dice will be strictly donation-drive related.

What if I have an issue with my order?

Redbubble is set up to connect directly with the person placing the order and the distribution hub with no involvement of the merch designers. If there’s an issue with your print/order/etc., you will need to contact Redbubble directly with your order number and any other relevant details.

What’s something I should know before ordering?

  • Items are printed upon placement of an order.
  • Not all manufacturers are in the same building, so a tee shirt, some stickers, an acrylic art block, some zippered pouches, and a mug may run up a pretty hefty shipping cost as each could ship from a different manufacturer.
  • I found they are set up to mostly process small orders of 1-3 types of things max, and not in large quantities for anything other than stickers. I got the distinct impression that I’d overwhelmed a warehouse with trying to do all the donation drive orders in a large, bulk order. If you're considering sharing an order with local folks, maybe have one person order all the shirts and another person order all the mugs, or something to that effect to keep things simple.

What’s still in the works for the merch site?

We're looking forward to making some things with forum emoji as well as any suggestions you would like to see. Pyxistyx is lovingly creating a beautiful map of GWJ Town! Recreating the golden icons in sticker form as suggested in the meme thread is on the list, as well as a design for the BottleRockets and Racing Dorks groups. I'll be reaching out to everyone who has gotten a Stan about the community stan pattern very soon. I also plan to take the opportunity to create unique designs and illustrations that are gaming-related but not GWJ-specific to host on the Redbubble site, as well.

Oh! And more mugs! The template for the mugs is really tricky, so we have the most popular design up for now but will be adding more as part of a future update.


NVM, found it. Time to place a RB order!

I love the shirt designs, I might have to get one of the crests.

GWJ shirt in the wild...


Ha cha cha.

Ah very good. I could use some GWJ stuff in my office

This is a great Idea, here's to many many sales *cheers

Fredrik_S is amazing and has graciously offered to do an updated version of the GWJ Gears & Beers crest that is also alcohol-free. It will be more game-focused. Stay tuned!

TheHarpoMarxist wrote:

GWJ shirt in the wild...

As we say in Flanders: miauwkes!

Seriously though, it's nice to see the t-shirt in the wild on a real (albeit frustratingly attractive) person. Many years ago I bought a Goodjer t-shirt that was way too wide for my 6"6' size. American XL/XXL is not EU XL/XXL

How tall are you might I ask?

dejanzie wrote:
TheHarpoMarxist wrote:

GWJ shirt in the wild...

How tall are you might I ask?

Sure thing! I'm 5'8", though sometimes my hair adds to that. In the photo I'm wearing a Small size.

American sizes usually thwart me too - the fit is almost always off. EU sizes tend to fit me way better.

The classic tees from the donation drive are meant to be worn somewhat boxy and loose - there are now other styles on the site that are more fitted, longer, etc.

yes...i will definitely have that map done...soon...ish? *sweats*

It's been a weird couple of years.

I got my GWJ stuff from the store! A mug and mouse pad. Good looking stuff.

Now that’s a fine lookin’ mug


I'm so glad folks can finally get a version of the mug <3.
The og mug has a different image on the back that was limited exclusive (aka neither scott or myself could find the original source file to put on the new mugs), but I think these turned out ok!
Glad you're enjoying it!

I bought a sticky Stan the other day along with some of my own stuff, looking forward to getting it next month and flaunt it here, I also hope you guys enjoyed my appreciation message Redbubble asks you to fill when you purchase, they should have sent a Poet : )

omg i can't wait to see it!

Amoebic wrote:

Fredrik_S is amazing and has graciously offered to do an updated version of the GWJ Gears & Beers crest that is also alcohol-free. It will be more game-focused. Stay tuned!

Any word on when this may be available?

I have it! Also have a batch of things I'm working on at the moment, and hoping to put them all up at once. I'll wrap up the stuff for the Racing Dorks and post it with that, hopefully this weekend. Thanks for the push

Sorry for the delays! Still working on the next batch of items. Near done on the last design before a full update, thank you for your patience. <3

Amoebic wrote:

Sorry for the delays! Still working on the next batch of items. Near done on the last design before a full update, thank you for your patience. <3

Lookie here

The merch has shipped. I will post pics when it gets here next week!