GWJ Conference Call 812

Stacklands (PC), Death Stranding (PS5), Elden Ring (PS5), Games you can play while doing other things, some housekeeping, and more!

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Amanda, Rich, and Glendon officially welcome Daryl to the team and talk about games you can play while doing other things. We also announce the launch of the GamersWithJobs Redbubble merch site!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:03:01 Stacklands
00:16:39 Death Stranding
00:34:34 Elden Ring
00:46:47 Multitasking Games
01:05:08 GWJ Housekeeping
01:08:22 Thread of the Week

LOL, Leisure Suit Larry was also my answer to the thread of the week... I'll post a story there.

On multitasking games, a.k.a. games to play while you're not paying attention to something else, I was playing Dorfromantik while listening to this podcast so I was glad to hear its name. Luck be a landlord is also great. However, my favorite one of the last few months has been Super Auto Pets. Before that, it was Cozy Grove. I also want to recommend a mini deckbuilder roguelite called Slice & Dice that's available on mobile. And if we mention mobile games, Holedown is another good one.

EDIT: Oh, I just remember Islanders. Another nice chill game that you can't Google because you'll just get results from the hockey team.

I don't recall Wildermyth or Sunshine Heavy Industries being mentioned, both are fantastic for second screen play. Also, Fights in Tight Spaces, card based roguelite about doing jason bourne style close combat fights. I'm still messing around with the demo and it's really easy to just have a fun card fist fight.
Also good, Into the Breach and Invisible Inc.

I want ‘Fights in Tight Spaces’ to come to PS5. I live in hope.

Only caught this episode today and wanted to say a huge congratulations to Daryl for becoming a regular host!

I look forward to many more gamelore explanations and driving game adventures! A worthy addition to the panel.

My mobile poison of choice is still Gems of War, which I am playing daily again. I think off and on for over 4 years now. Great game for doing other things and easy to put down. Basically puzzle quest with friends and lots of interesting modes and events and new content every week.