GenCon 2022

Hello GWJ Friends!

I'm super excited for GenCon 2022, and thought maybe a thread for talking about the event and possible meet-ups would be great! My Google-fu is weak, so if this is a duplicate post, point me in the right direction!

GenCon 20022 August 4th - 7th, 2022, Indianapolis, IN Convention Center.

Policy information on vaccination and acceptable codes of conduct:

Badge info

Event info:

And, unfortunately, the whole hotel block is booked, but if there's people still looking for a place to stay, maybe follow up here?

or here?
Crazy Google search link?

Cheers! And hope to see some of you in Indy!

Update! We've confirmed a few tables at Tapper's Arcade Bar for Wednesday night, August 3rd! Come on out, see some people, and maybe play some games!

Awesome! I've carried my tickets over for two years now so I'm looking forward to this year. Will be nice to get back and check out some games!