Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Catch all

It is here soon so I thought it was time for a Catch all!


Looks like they went back to the more human characters of the first game rather than the 2nd. I dont' see a Nopon in the trailer at all.

They also seem to be back to Mecho vs. Bion which is fine by me.

*this time I will stick with it! I won't buy it and then realize I don't love it. I will! Really

** I was a bit confused since this trailer says 7/29 but the announcement trailer said October - however the official Nintendo eshop page says 7/29 as well so 5 months earlier. Yay!

Oh and here is the announcement tailer

Yeah, it was cool to see the release date get bumped up. That's not something that happens very often. I wonder if people got moved from BOTW2 to help polish this game up, since that one got delayed.

Anyway, this looks exactly like a Xenoblade game to me. The battle system looks like they're taking what was in XC2 and making some changes to it, so I'm curious if they are going to find a way to streamline things a bit, since it got really busy. Kind of zen-like once you got a hold of all the systems, but it took 30+ hours to get there.

Regardless, this is pretty much a day one purchase. Maybe this will be the one that finally pulls it all together.

The only thing I really hope they improve is the mapping. I remember wandering around for hours because the map made it really hard to understand where something was (lower, higher, etc.)

If I recall correctly, the map was later patched but I think it was after I was done with the game. XC2 had that and some other issues as a result of maybe coming out a little unfinished so I don’t want to wait a bit on 3 but it could be a good idea.

Very interested in this. Liked XC2 combat in endgame quite a bit. Like many JRPGs it takes way too long to get to the good combat of course.

Now, if there was no Nopons in the game, it would be quite the upgrade.

The UI feels quite ... busy for my tastes. Perhaps after I understand all the parts I won't mind but it just feels like a mess


But it really isn't that different. Someone on Reddit put up shots of all three games HUDs




Super excited for this more than I thought after that trailer. Here's a couple logos released I just happened to grab last week, not knowing if I'd ever use them.

Image released with reveal trailer:

Image released last week, lacking the Nopons:

XC2 connection spoilers:


Concerned they're going to kill Vandham a 2nd time with the way he's talking in that trailer

farley3k wrote:

Looks like they went back to the more human characters of the first game rather than the 2nd. I dont' see a Nopon in the trailer at all.

Nopons are shown quite a lot, but not shown as combat members in the UI until late in the trailer. They first show up with the party at 0:15-0:19 - and they're the only 2 in that time to not get the weird shadow overlay (that's something interesting that I only saw thanks to you), running with group at 0:33, behind the middle combined form at 1:29, and finally part of the party UI at 2:08, with a hero shot of the party including the 2 Nopon at 2:26, and they're in logo shot with the party at 2:40.

Shadout wrote:

Now, if there was no Nopons in the game, it would be quite the upgrade.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

A bit of the old GameXplain analysis to the trailer, mostly about combat systems:

Looking forward to this. Summer is looking pretty packed.

Xenoblade specific Direct coming Wednesday:


Here's the stream:

Here's what should be a working replay.

That said, I kind of wish I hadn't watched it.

Don't get me wrong -- it looks f*cking fantastic, especially when it comes to the meaty mechanical stuff. Basically just all the nerdy, crunchy, class changing min maxing crap you could ever want from a JRPG, and I'm so goddamn ready to inject this sh*t straight into my veins. Also, happy to see an interesting new take on the mech stuff I always want from a Xeno game (which was lacking in Chronicles 1 and 2). Still maybe won't be to the level that I really want (see Xenogears, Xenosaga, and Chronicles X), but I'll take what I can get.

But yeah, I really just wish I had gone complete blackout to get the full joy of all this stuff unfolding for me fresh. Even though I did skip through most of the stuff that wasn't purely discussing mechanics, even having the systems be surprises as I played the game would have been great fun for me right now.

(Also, thank god they didn't have another go at the gacha character acquisition nonsense from Chronicles 2. I still loved that game and played the hell out of it, but that aspect was not a welcome addition to the formula.)

I mostly skimmed through the video. Having only played about half of Xeno 1 and 2, this looks like some of the best elements of both coming into the sequel. The combat looked overwhelming, but I'm sure they will ease you into it.

Running away from large monsters - yes!

I watched maybe the first 6-7 minutes which was mostly just story bits for the first couple of chapters of the game, but it was interesting enough that I also wish I hadn't watched it. I can maybe guess where some of the story will go based on what I saw, but this series always surprises me somehow, so I won't spend too much time on it.

Anyway, looking forward to the release. I'll probably make sure the reviews are good before spending the money, but I plan to jump on it very early.