GWJ Conference Call 809

Elden Ring (PC), Norco (PC), Weird West, FORWARD: Escape the Fold (PC), Beyond All Reason (PC), Age of Empires 4: Festival of Ages (PC).

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Shawn and Sean join Glendon to talk about instances where playing multiple games within a genre has informed enjoyment of each other.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:02:46 Elden Ring
00:12:48 Age of Empires 4
00:16:20 Beyond All Reason
00:19:21 Weird West
00:29:27 Norco
00:38:03 FORWARD: Escape the Fold
00:44:39 How Our Perception of a Game can be Influenced by Another
01:06:39 Your Emails

Another great episode, great to see Sean and Shawn make a reappearance.

The board game I took a picture of was XCOM actually, I should have mentioned that in the email!

I liked the responses to my question and I have to say, every hybrid game I have played relies on the presence of the app to be played in the first place.

Poor Glendon; he tried to pull off an analogy Rich would make and it died mid-sentence.

It was so great to have some of the old cast return for this episode. I especially loved hearing the Game King give his honest thoughts on Elden Ring. I feel like so much of the discourse about the game has either been universal praise or spicy hot takes. No game is perfect, and even a great game can make you feel satisfied and finished without seeing the end credits.

I'm just going to put this into the universe - maybe we can get a monthly or quarterly reunion tour? The current cast is great, but sometimes you just want to put on the classics you grew up with.