Hidden Gems on Paramount Plus

I figured we had one of these for the other streaming services and Paramount+ is rapidly adding good content.

Edit - I looked and didn't see a similar thread. If there is this can just die on the vine.

So Halo the Series. I'm not loving it, but I am sort of enjoying it. I didn't think that a Halo series could be a bit boring but here we are. The visuals are great. I even think the cast is good. But a series based on a combat game without a lot of combat? They really need to build up to something great to keep this train running.

Also, does there have to be a spunky teen in everything? I kind of want Soren to just turn her in for the bounty.

I subscribed because I really wanted to watch season 2 of Picard but I haven't bitten on the Halo series yet.

I've watched two eps of Halo and I'm enjoying it. If it was all combat then there would not be much story in it. I think it has done a good job of being sci-fi someone could watch without having to know a lot about Halo. The 2 eps has exposition and examples enough in regards to the Spartans, enemies, war and the state of humanity. Then we have a mystery device and the show expands from there.

Update: I enjoyed the Cortana character in the show. Sassy!

I'm enjoying the Halo show for what it is.

I'm not sure I think it's good, or even if I care, I'm having fun.

They're changing some things, obviously, for the show vs the game storyline but that's fine. Also the time period does mean they could build toward some version of The Fall of Reach as a finale or something.

I don't feel like that's what's coming, but it could be.

Yeah I'd like to see the Fall of Reach.

In the game and books is the UNSC as evil as it is in the show?

Cortana was great in ep 3. I haven’t really played Halo since Halo 3 but definitely into the action scenes so far. The way the UNSC is being portrayed is interesting too.

I'd also like to give some love to Evil and Lower Decks.

Lower Decks is the most I've enjoyed Trek in a long time. Evil is an amazing show with darkness, creepiness, and complex themes. We love it.

We haven't checked out Picard yet.

I'm sorry, but I just can't get over that Master Chief has his helmet off so much.

Evil is pretty good. The first half of the first season they got down then somehow lost a bit of their mojo in the last few episodes. We're watching S2 now and it started off kinda slow but now we're enjoying it.

There's an episode from season 1 we really enjoyed where kids get this song stuck in their head they can't stop singing. Season 2 has a good one with the "elevator game" and another one where they go to a monastery where you have to be silent.

Of course will recommend Survivor on there too. Australian Survivor in particular is really good. The season they did with All-Stars (S4?) was on of the best seasons of Survivor, US or other country.

At least we got some combat in the latest episode of Halo. And man, that teenage character is like nails on a chalkboard.

Overall I liked the first season of Halo. It isn't really a rehash of the game and I kind of like that about it.

A friend of mine just put me onto "Players". It's a mockumentary about a League of Legends team with growing pains made by the "American Vandal" crew. It's not as laugh out loud slapstick funny as AV but all the personalities are still pretty entertaining.

I don't play LoL, and don't know the terms, but they do a clear job explaining what is good and bad through the dialog and players actions.

That looks amusing will put it on my list. Thanks!