The GWJ cRPG Club - Game 18: Baldur's Gate 2 (in Progress)

So finished Siege of Dragonspear - which was decent, but it would've been better if they hadn't try to shoehorn so many BG2 connections to into it. I also imported my character into BG2 and started that up. Now I just have to decide on what my party is going to be - and who to romance.

I thought the whole point of Dragonspear was to better connect the stories of BG1 and 2. Not so much “shoehorning” but rather intended.

I definitely enjoyed it including the not too shocking reveal.

I’m just finishing up the Unseeing Eye quest. Amazing how much crazy sh*t goes on in this city, I sure wouldn’t want to live there. Those Gauth groups wiped my party a few times.

I'm still working my way through Dragonspear. Not much to report, other than the density of some of the maps is far higher than what I remember from BG or BG2.

Hello! Just checking in from the front with my status report on playing BG2. Morale is low, so I apologize for that.

I've been struggling with BG2:EE. I played and loved it when it first launched. Then every handful of years I would dip back in and play again for a bit. Sometimes BG1, sometimes BG2, but it was a recurring game for me. I only every finished BG2 the first time though. And I've never finished BG1.

This club had me looking forward to another dance with an old friend. But it turns out that old friend has a lot of frustrating quirks. Inventory management is quite unpleasant (even after editing my client to allow for unlimited item stacking and what not), so that is a big factor. Another bummer for me is the forced removal of Imoen from my party. It bothers me to be forced to play without a party member for a chunk of time and then have to fit them back into my party later on. I quite like Imoen, and also managing my party is a big part of the appeal for me. I suppose another issue for me is "the chosen one" story line. I'm a bit overdone with being the chosen one after years of games leaning on this narrative crutch.