Far: Changing Tides

GWJ Conference Call 805

Far: Changing Tides (PC), Hero's Hour (PC), Triangle Strategy (Switch), Gloomhaven (board game), Valheim: Cave Update (PC).

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Amanda, Rich, and Glendon discuss their favorite gaming moments.

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00:02:50 Far: Changing Tides
00:12:24 Hero's Hour
00:23:01 Triangle Strategy
00:29:51 Gloomhaven (board game)
00:36:12 Favorite Gaming Moments
00:57:46 Thread of the Week

Valheim servers restarted for Hearth & Home because most of them had very little of unexplored areas left. Wasn't enough time for that to happen with this new update.

One of my favorite moment is by far with the most broken game i've played.

There was a little more than a handful of us that jumped on to Atlas for it's launch. It's still to this day one of the worst game launches ever. The servers were just awful and you'd be out at sea and would teleport back to the start of the zone you just left. Because of that only 2 of us were able to make it to an area that we had picked out to call our home. Which was in a frozen biome so we had to build up our base while fighting all the nasty critters AND the weather while we waited for others to try and make it.

The areas that were claimable were on a 2 week cycle. Whomever controlled the zone flag at the turn over time was the ones who controlled it. We were on the end of our first 2 week window and was visited by a team from a zerg guild that not so nicely said give us your land. Since they were dicks we said no and then began a guerilla warfare that was amazing. 2 of us held our base and sunk dozens of their ships and killed so many of their people. We held out for the rest of the current window and for another 2 weeks. Yea they eventually took it, but it took them actually having to focus on us and cost them 10 of millions of credits in lost material before they did.

I am very late for this one but I loved that the post on gaining confidence back in a game was about racing. Not only because I love racing games and sims but also because racing is particularly ruthless in terms of killing your confidence for two reasons that are maybe only shared to some extent with battle royale games.

The first one is that one big mistake will entirely ruin your race. You will either wreck and be forced to retire or at least lose a ton of time by spinning out or going off track that you will never be able to recover unless you're playing against AI on an easy difficulty level and/or a lot of rubberbanding. Compare that to, say, FIFA or Rocket League where at worse you concede a goal but immediately get the chance to get back in it and recover. Add to that the fact that another driver can make a mistake and take you out, which can be really frustrating.

The second reason is that racing is a winner-takes-all game. In a sports game or a team based shooter with some matchmaking, you can expect to win roughly half of the games you play. In racing, you'll go in a race with 6 or 10 or 20 other people and there's one winner, kinda like a battle royale. So if your confidence and satisfaction with the game depend on winning, you're probably gonna have a much harder time, especially if you go online.

For me, the way of dealing with this in racing sims is exactly what Amoebic discussed on practicing and focusing on myself getting better. I very much enjoy improving my lap times around a track even if I'm still far from what other people are doing online. And in races, I just try to set myself a reasonable goal based on who's racing against me.

In conclusion, racing is the battle royale of sports.