Help me survive intergrated graphics!

My computer graphics card (1070) has died (I think) as my computer will not boot when the screen is plugged into the card(display port). The Motherboard makes a nice single beep, all the fans start, lighting on the KB and mouse turn on, screen stays blank (but screen inbuilt internal mini menu is ok, it just says "no signlal"). But I found that Windows (10) boots normally when I plug the DP into the motherboard rather than the video card.

Prices and supplies being what they are I can't really afford a new card right now so I am probably going to have to survive on a Intel HD 630 intergrated graphics for 6 months or so. My screen isn't helping because it is 4k. So now is not the time to replay Cyberpunk 2077 and I will have to stop my rerun of Dragon Age Inquisition mid way.

Any recommendations ?

I was thinking about games like Dragon Age Origins, but to play it I might need to scale down to 720p which just looks horrible on my large screen and still the mouse is very floaty with lag.

Any tips on how to deal with a 4k monitor and an Intel HD 630?

I guess I'll have to play FTL for 6 months!
Maybe take this chance to dive into Rimworld?
I found the various "can I run it" websites to give a lot of contradictory advice about games to run on a intel HD 630

Maybe ask around and see if anyone has an old graphics card they would part with? I’ve relied on laptops and haven't had a desktop in 8-9 years now, but I used to have a stash of old parts that I had upgraded from. They weren’t doing me any good; I would have happily parted with one to assist a fellow goojer.

This seems like a situation tailor made to give game streaming a try, if you have a decent ethernet connection.

Geforce Now works pretty well, but I've only used it on my Nvidia Shield TV.

One nice thing is you can use games you already own. You need to look them up on the above list, however. The way their licensing agreements works there can be situations where the GoG version of a game is available for Geforce Now, but the Steam version isn't (or vice versa).

The free version has queues and game time limits, but that should be enough to see if it'll work for your setup.

Then there's also:

The 3080 tier of Geforce Now costs $100 for six months but... that's not a bad deal for something that can even play Cyberpunk.

GE Force does sound perfect for me,
but unfortunately I live in Indonesia and GE force is Europe and NA. But I will look into it.

As for plan B I never played Oblivion and never finished Fallout New Vegas.

Brownypoints wrote:

I found the various "can I run it" websites to give a lot of contradictory advice about games to run on a intel HD 630

Yeah, in the PC builder's thread, I put those websites in the "do not use" list, because they're simply not reliable.

One trick I use to see how an integrated GPU will work with a particular game is to simply search for the GPU and game on YouTube, eg. "Intel HD 630 Witcher 3". There's a small cottage industry of producing videos of games running on low-end GPUs, and I find taking a quick peek at videos like these are the most reliable way of getting a sense of how a game will run on a given iGPU. (It especially helps when the video maker is trying to make the game run well, and shows off which settings they're using to achieve the performance they're getting). A single video can only tell you so much, but if you peek at a few different videos, you'll start to get an accurate picture.

As for surviving with a low-end GPU, well I like to point out that a crappy integrated GPU is powerful enough to run the vast majority of PC gaming history at high settings, just not the last small chunk of that history. If it were me, I'd be running wild on GOG playing tons of great old games.

Thanks for the tips guys. I decided to look at this time as a chance to play some retro games. But some further testing showed that it was my PSU that was not handling the extra demand of the video card. So I bought a new PPower supply and since then I have been able to go back to using my gtx 1070.

Fingers crossed forcheaper 3070s in the future.