Anti-Static PC Vacuums

Hey y’all, have any of you ever used an anti-static vacuum to clean out your PC of dust and the like? I can’t use a normal vacuum, I know that, but I hate dusting out my PC and I figured a vacuum would make it easier, were it safe.

Thanks in advance for your help.

What about a blower instead of a vacuum? I think that is what is recommended these days. Something like the DataVac:

I have that exact blower, but even that one only does so much. I still wipe off each individual fan blade with a q-tip first. I'd just prefer suck to blow. (Insert Spaceballs joke here)

Metro makes one. Never have used it or any other vacuum though, because:

1. It's still only air movement cleaning things off. If a tiny jet doesn't get it, a vacuum won't do any better.
2. I can use a brush either way to break friction on stuck dirt.
3. I take my stuff outside to get it clean.

If I needed to clean things indoors I can see the value in using a vacuum. It probably won't get as much as blasting stuff with the blower, but it'll be less messy!

You use a leaf blower?

Veloxi wrote:

You use a leaf blower?

I do! But... 6 cats and 2 dogs...

Dear lord. Only two cats here.

Veloxi wrote:

You use a leaf blower?

The Metrovac blower works for leaves, I guess.

Yeah, you're not going to get the caked-on dirt off of fan blades any better with suction than you are with blowing.

If your blower comes with an attachment that has a brush at the end, that's very handy for this task.

Otherwise, remove the fans from the case and put them under running water. Make sure they're fully dry before putting them back into the system.

*Legion* wrote:

Otherwise, remove the fans from the case and put them under running water.

OMG whaaaaat?

I probably shouldn't recommend that quite so casually, especially for people with hard water and the like, but despite all the hand-wringing responses you'll get over it, a quick blast of water over the blades in the sink, plus letting everything dry fully, is pretty much gonna be fine.

Yeahhhhh nooooooo I'll stick with Q-Tips and such. Thanks though.

I just soak part of a microfiber cleaning cloth in isopropyl alcohol and wipe off everything the datavac blower doesn't clean enough to satisfy me.

Has worked fine and works with my fans still inside the case.

But also I have no pets and my systems are all up on tables and are well filtered. I get by with cleaning every 6 months at this point and have no issues.