F1 2022 Season Spoiler Filled Race Talk

Sounds fun. I'd like to experience a race but I also know that the best place to watch a race is my sofa. It's hard for me to justify the travel.

As far as the race goes, I am completely neutral and have no favorites, but I stopped caring after Perez's gearbox went POP.

I went to COTA in 2016. Seeing a race live is a cool experience for lots of reasons, but if you want to see the race as a whole, there really is no better place than your couch. Even with how sh*t some of the TV coverage can be (looking at you, Monaco).

Absolutely go to one. If I ever get my ass in gear and go back to Europe, I want to go to Spa, too (if it survives). I did COTA just to get the experience of a live race weekend under my belt. I want to go to Spa because I love that track. After that, I'm content for the rest of my life never going to another F1 race in person again.