Vampire Survivors: a $3 indie roguelite bullet-hell Castlevania love letter that I cannot stop playing

Vampire Survivors on Steam, (free web demo)

Anyone playing this? Searched for a thread and didn't see it. It has consumed me this week.


How the developer describes it:

Vampire Survivors is currently a time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements.
There's no place where to hide, all you can do is try to survive a cursed night and get as much gold as possible for the next survivor, before Death inevitably puts an end to your struggles.

How I describe it: A distilled version of Diablo 3 greater rifts, themed as a love letter to 8-bit Castlevania, soundtracked by tunes that sound like FTL and Final Fight had a baby, and utterly addictive.

The only controls are the arrow keys. You pick a character (and can unlock a bunch more) and start trying to survive endless waves of monsters. You auto-attack, so you only have to move and pick things up. When most monsters die, they drop XP orbs, and every time you level up, you can add a random selection of weapons or passive powers. Then you can level them up as you fight increasing waves of harder enemies.

Some enemies will be highlighted as uber-mobs. They drop more XP and, often, treasure chests that give you a random amount of gold and item upgrades. All luck based.

When your run ends in your inevitable death, you can spend money on permanent upgrades (and refund them for free to try different combinations). Then you do it again. It's all about build optimization, and discovering secret combinations and new things as you play.

"This sounds like a hokey mobile game," you might say. Yeah, maybe. And I didn't get it at first either, when a friend gifted it to me. But then I kept playing, and nearly 13 hours later I can't stop thinking about it (or hearing the music). And it's only $3.

Came out last year and took a bit for people to discover it, but it's spreading around now. Anyone else playing?

I've watched streams of this and while I initially didn't seem to be interested, I end up watching 2x or 3x longer that I had anticipated.

I think this is one of those unassuming games that you play for seemingly minutes but ends up to be over an hour.

I keep hearing about this, so...


I randomly saw this mentioned on Kotaku of all places, and went and tried the web version. 25 min later, I picked up the Steam iteration.

I've scored all the current achievements, and I look forward to see what else gets dropped on future patches. The weapon evolutions are neat, and there are some really crazy combinations to be put together!

Thanks for pointing this one out! Sounded right up my alley, so $3 was a no-brainer. Played a little bit last night and had a lot of fun with it. Hard to say exactly how much depth there is but it's plenty of fun. It almost feels more like an auto clicker but with just enough gameplay (movement) to make it more engaging.

Yep, there is some secret sauce to this game. Worth the $3 and accompanying controller support.

The game is Crimsonland done as a roguelike without having to aim your attacks. It's awesome!

If you like this, def play Crimsonland.

Edit: Addicting, but maaaaaaaaaybe a bit too easy. All of my runs have been 20+ mins and maxing out a character on my third run.

Finally beat the Mad Forest level last night at 2 am (don't judge). Beat the library on my first run this morning (still have about 6 total unlocks to achieve). 24 hours of fun for $3. That is efficiency.

Wow, this is super addicting. I can see the limits of its replay-ability, but at $3 it is a steal.

I finally collected all of the achievements late last week. And then they went ahead and updated the game with an additional level and some more unlocks...this game has tremendous value.....

it's a steal for $3. Super uncomplicated arcade-esque romp with a very slight angle of 'strategy'.

This one was a fun one.


Edit: Addicting, but maaaaaaaaaybe a bit too easy. All of my runs have been 20+ mins and maxing out a character on my third run.

I have no idea how you did without getting real (super) lucky on a run.

I bought this early in the week and my 1st 5 runs had me maxxed at lvl 10 or so and <10 mins. When you start getting to parts where you have to constantly move to survive which means you start leaving the xp gems behind you I started having issues. Until last night when I had the choice to pick garlic for the 1st time which surrounds you with a little barrier. I was able to get a couple quick upgrades to the garlic and then I could just mow through even mass skeletons and ghosts while picking up gems. That got me to lvl 16 and around 15 mins before the strong werewolf waves were able to kill me.