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When a company has demonstrated that they're OK with unethical behavior, it is not at all shocking to discover that further unethical behavior runs rampant behind the scenes.

dejanzie wrote:

I too watch Linus for entertainment, as background when doing menial work mostly. I like that LTT gives attention to power efficiency too. But how Linus is reacting to this entire kerfuffle is really souring me on the channel. Either accept that you're having to churn out video's because of financial constraints, and the criticism that comes with that. Or take the risk and give your people more time to increase quality.

edit: Yikes, former employee Madison comes out with some serious allegations regarding the work environment at LGM/LTT. Trigger warning.

edit 2: not long before this is going to need a separate thread...

edit 3: Madison's story in Thread for, for those trying to avoid Twitter/X. Again: TW.

I always wondered what happened to her. Good grief, it sounds like a nightmare!

It didn't take long for them to post an apology video with regards to the other stuff. I wonder what they will do, if anything about how Madison was treated. Good Lord!

Maybe LTT should unionize.

*Legion* wrote:

When a company has demonstrated that they're OK with unethical behavior, it is not at all shocking to discover that further unethical behavior runs rampant behind the scenes.

I've ceased to be shocked by stories like these a long time ago. But being sloppy and yes unethical in your reporting and towards partners is still a whole other ball game than treating your employees like subhumans.

LTT has quickly gone from "we're not going to talk about it" to a "we're gonna do better" YouTube video from all the upper people:

Coming to all of these realizations in such a short amount of time makes their authenticity somewhat questionable.

My optimistic take is that all of these changes are things people have wanted to do all along, but Linus was the roadblock to implementing them, and now he's getting out of the way.

My pessimistic take is that this is just another case of LTT being reactionary, and they pivoted to this after their previous reaction of "we're not gonna talk about it" failed to make the problem go away.

Either way, due to the timing of this release, this does not address Madison's allegations, or anything resembling them. If her allegations are accurate and they are that rotten behind closed doors, I'm not sure how much stock we can put into these "we'll do better" sad boy videos.

I guess we'll see.

Unlike GN's video, this apology video is still monetized.

I hope it's genuine.

But yeah it doesn't address the Madison allegations, which I agree, if accurate are terribly upsetting!

I did also see a post in the comments from LMG saying they did demonetize the video.

Spoiler tagging so anyone uninterested in the LTT situation can ignore.


Linus has responded to the allegations from Madison through a response to The Verge, though it's mostly a "we'll look into it" response. To quote the response:

I was in a state of shock reading through these allegations, plain and simple. They aren’t consistent with my recollections. They aren’t consistent with our internal processes. They aren’t consistent with our company values.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. In addition to our existing report systems (both anonymous and otherwise) we’ve proactively reached out internally today to encourage members of our team to report any workplace bullying or harassment they might be experiencing so we can take quick and decisive action.

Our HR team will be conducting a more thorough assessment of the allegations, and when we are ready, we will release a more complete statement. For now I would ask that we allow our team the time they need be as thorough as possible.

Madison has added to her tweet thread, and is unimpressed by Linus's "shock":

Madison wrote:

I’ve heard that HR meeting recording and please note how all the allegations that the management heard are referred to as “drama”.

Imagine how you would feel trying to say anything when THAT is the exact response you would be given.

In that recording you will hear someone make inappropriate jokes, you will hear the situation be belittled.

You will also hear that there is an internal want for you to go DIRECTLY to whoever wronged you and have a one on one chat, removing any sort of HR interference.

Imagine someone calls you dog sh*t, and the response you get is oh no go talk to them about it.

But it keeps happening and there is “no record of it” because you were instructed to just go talk to them not HR who also just so happened to be an active owner of the company

I’m baffled to hear about the “shock” of these allegations.

You’re not shocked that they happened.
You’re shocked that someone said something.

You’re probably shocked because you know evidence for most of these issues is scarce so why would anyone risk their image to speak out.

dejanzie wrote:

edit: Yikes, former employee Madison comes out with some serious allegations regarding the work environment at LGM/LTT. Trigger warning.

See, I had already told Youtube to stop recommending them based on Linus' reaction to the latest slightest bit of (very valid) criticism. The response was, IMO, just bad.

The gigantic size of this particular oof makes me feel that much better about that decision.

TheGameguru wrote:

He was very anti OLED and created legions of idiots that parroted his nonsense. Bleh good riddance

This doesn't surprise me. I watched some search-recommended videos a few years ago (I think it was during the channel's early rise), and there was enough dubious to outright wrong information presented as fact that I blocked the channel.

*Legion* wrote:

If the “tech” people that made the channel don’t care enough about quality and accuracy and ethics, I doubt an outsider coming in as CEO will be the one to prioritize those things over business concerns.

I’m sure they’ll clean up some of the more visible screw-ups, but I no longer have any confidence in the idea of the “new” lab-driven LTT transforming into the kind of rigorous, methodology-focused outfit that they’re already trying to pass themselves off to be.

To butcher the Warren Spector quote that’s been on this site forever: Anytime accuracy gets in the way of uploading, uploading wins.

I don't know if they have any income sources other than video advertising revenue. Sponsorships maybe? Branded merchandise? If you're just an entertainment channel, fine, be entertaining. If you're presenting inaccurate information, or misrepresenting/misinterpreting data to pull in viewers, you're the Joe Rogan of tech.

Looking at this monitor:
Dell Alienware AW3423DW
Right now I have a founders edition 3080, I'd probably look to pick up a 4080 ti when those come out. I'm hoping to keep this until 2028 and do a full PC refresh when the new console gen is supposed to come out.

I've been running an AW3418DW for four years on a 2080 Super with no issues. That one has a much higher refresh rate than mine (175 vs 120) so probably needs more horsepower, but I'd think a 3080 should be fine.

Once again I’m debating whether I can buy one monitor that handles all my use cases or I have to keep using 2 specialized monitors and just switching to the one that best fits my current goal.

I use a very fast high refresh rate display for esports. I play Rocket League at 360fps for minimal input latency for instance and I’ll cut any graphical setting I need to get there. I don’t care about screen tearing in this case, just input latency consistency in games that same inputs between frames. I use a 160hz 1440p screen right now and just live with screen tearing.

I also use a nice HDR 4k panel with freesync/gsync for other gaming where I care about how it looks more than smooth high framerate. My current one is just 60hz.

I want to buy a 360hz display for esports gaming. Maybe compromise to a 240hz if I have to. But if I’m playing other games on it I want it to be at least 1440p. Not to mention I find 1080p too small for general web browsing these days. Preferably 27” since that’s a good size for my desk and placement.

My RTX 3070 has no trouble playing Rocket League at 1440p 360fps. Heck it can go over 500fps if I left framerate unlimited except there is an interesting situation in Rocket League where input latency is more consistent and predictable if you stick to a multiple of 120fps. Anything outside that ends up with slightly inconsistent inputs which sucks for complex mechanics. For instance, if people play at the default 60fps their input consistency is provably all over the place. There’s a good YouTube channel that uses TAS to demonstrate this.

So, are 1440p 360hz monitors worth buying these days and drivable by a RTX 3070? Pretty sure I’d have to use DisplayPort or do I need HDMI 2.1 for this? Should I just stick to 240hz for now and look at 360hz again in a couple years?

I’ve heard that the first gen 360hz monitors were not that great so I’m looking for more recent ones.

Edit: I've been looking around and yeah it seems it's still not a good idea to buy a 360hz monitor that is also beautiful to look at. 240hz OLED ones like the ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQDM could be an option for now.

I got another M2 drive since they are on sale. And I guess I cheaped out a couple years ago and put a 1TB Gen 3 drive in my new system even though it has a Gen 4 slot.

Anyway since prices are so cheap I got a 2 TB Gen 4 drive coming in a couple days. So I'll be putting it in the primary slot and moving the old drive to the Gen 3 only slot. No other devices should conflict or anything, I think I'm good there.

The question is should I clone the old drive to the new one to transfer Windows 11 and my installed programs? Does that work easily now?

I really don't want to wipe and reinstall windows and a bunch of other stuff, just from the time perspective. Feels like clone, switch boot drive, delete old would be way faster.

Any thoughts or experience? A guide anyone recommends? Do I need something 3rd party or can Windows handle this?

Old drive is Samsung, new one is WD, if that matters, if there is an application that comes with either drive that could help

It probably would be fine to just keep booting off the gen3 and use the gen4 for content that needs the performance. Gen3 more then fast enough for a boot drive.

Hmm.. maybe so. I was just thinking I wanted to move Starfield to the Gen 4. I guess just using Steam to move one install would certainly be a lot faster than a reinstall.

Is Steam smart enough to update drive letters? If I make the new drive D, and move my old 2TB HDD to E...

Stele wrote:

Is Steam smart enough to update drive letters? If I make the new drive D, and move my old 2TB HDD to E...

Edit your Libraries in Steam and add the E: drive's Steam folder path. Steam will look through the existing folder and find all the installed content (and run integrity checks on it), so it won't need to be re-downloaded.

2TB drive installed
Steam transferred 116 GB of Starfield in about 45 seconds.

Seems snappy. Will play a bit soon. Don't think I will notice load times but we'll see

If I’m running a second monitor, does that monitor’s resolution make much of a difference for game performance on my main screen? I’ve got an ancient 20” 1080p monitor in that role and I’m looking to swap to something newer without spending a lot. The problem I’m running into is they don’t seem to make that size anymore except for expensive esports monitors with crazy refresh rates*. But that’s the size that gets me ~the same dpi as my 27” 1440p screen; it bugs me when stuff changes size when it moves between screens, so a larger 1080p is out.

If I make my second screen match the primary at 27” 1440p, will that affect my gaming noticeably?

*HP does seem to make an inexpensive one at the size and resolution I need, but it won’t mount to my adjustable arm…