Help me build my PC: 2022 Catch-All

I sometimes get a similar issue from the analog Maker Hart mixer I have all the sound devices at my desk mixed by. Do those $10 Ground Loop Noise Isolators for Car Audio (with a 3.5mm in and out) help in a situation like this?

Dunno, but for $10 it's probably worth a shot.

As an aside, if you are going to get an isolation transformer, make sure to read the reviews. Some, apparently, don't isolate the ground. Others have a buzz from poorly mounted coils inside.

The way most of those work is that they eliminate a certain frequency in order to get rid of the noise. Which affects audio quality. It's probably better to just try and fix the ground loop. You might be able to do that by plugging things into different circuits in the house, instead of having everything plugged into one outlet.

tundra wrote:

Anyone run into this issue and have a solution...

Nephew bought a cyberpower prebuilt pc with a Ryzen 5800 and a Gigabyte 3070. When powering it up, there is green pixels on the splash page and when it gets to windows there screen is filled with green lines running horizontal across the monitor. Doesn't show up while in BIOs. Installed the Nvidia drivers and don't have control to select resolution. This happens on the HDMI connections. On the 2 display port connections, it reverts to a 1024x786 resolution without control to change it. It is like the drivers aren't installed for the display port connections on the card. Finally, installing an old 1060 graphics card, everything looks normal and is accessible via the display settings.

Any ideas... seems like the card is bad, but wanted to check here for solutions before RMA.

There has been a rash of these from Cyberpower according to their subreddit. Definitely seems like a bad card, like Thin_J said. One of my kids picked out a custom build that's similar with his leftover scholarship money, and I'm really hoping the expanding foam packing they paid for along with the extra QA will help. Of course, it takes a few weeks longer than a prebuilt even if it costs the same.

So on the GPU front, the 6600XT is getting interesting.
Some places have listed it as discontinued and I have seen a few places where it is under MSRP @$359

I find it odd that AMD appears to have replaced the 6600xt with the 6650xt and left the 6700xt and 6900xt in tact. Note that the 6900xt is also selling for below MSRP some places while the 6700xt is still over MSRP and right next to the 6750xt. $850 for a 6900xt is still a huge amount of scratch, but comparatively it is a steal with nvidia competitors still priced in the thousands and its 6x50 "refresh" listing for $1100.

Also note that reviews for the refreshes typically conclude, "why bother?" with the 6750xt being the worst offender.