Signal Boost for Jerry Messing ("Fedora Guy", Puggsley Addams, etc)

Folks, I don't know if he knows we exist, but we know he does, and he's in a world of hurt. Jerry is a well-known meme and a decent actor (Addams Family Reunion, maybe you remember that?), but he's overweight and got caught up in the COVID-19 pandemic this summer. He was in a (medical?) coma for 21 days, but he pulled through and... that's when the bad stuff really started. I know it's Christmas time, money's short, but this really pulled at my heartstrings. Read the below and if you can bring yourself to help out a bit, that would be lovely. And yes, this is real.
Very real. Welcome to American healthcare...

(He's already monetized most of his images to pay for pre-existing bills, apparently, although there might be some original photos that remain...)

No one deserves to go through this. Much less someone who has brought us a laugh on days when we needed it. There's a follow-up post with more information here.

Here's the GoFundMe link.


Jerry is still $10K short of what he needs to get an ambulance ride out of the hellhole he is in and start back up with his therapy.