MLB 2022 Season

And boy aren’t we off to a great start.

Go Guardians!

Excellent job linking the new thread in the end of the old one! If only everyone on the internet was so enlightened.

Well, the good news is, it's early. This really doesn't become a thing until March.

How long is the lockout expected to last? Could games be lost next year?

Yes, games could be lost. That's always a possibility once a work stoppage occurs, but with three months until the regular season begins, it would be shocking if 2022 didn't go a full 162 games. There is a chance spring training doesn't start on time, using that period as a soft deadline to force some issues to get resolved, but we're far from that happening. The sides already lost a lot of money during the pandemic. Anything short of a full season would be another devastating blow to the sport, both economically and from a public relations standpoint.

Of the major North American sports, is MLB owned and run by the dumbest people? They are openly antagonistic to major and minor league players as well as the fans.

Ugh again?

I wonder how much Scherzers signing now had to do with this.

absurddoctor wrote:

I wonder how much Scherzers signing now had to do with this.

Oh this is why all of these signings happened now rather than later. Some players wanted to get this sorted out before any potential work stoppage so there's no scramble to get ready for spring training. Some wanted to lock in paydays before the landscape changed. This is also why Correa hasn't signed, this won't affect him.