MrWynd Jr!

Hello friends, I don't usually go into my personal life online but I wanted to share something.

My third child was born almost two months ago. Happy, 8 pounds 10 ounces - a pretty typical healthy newborn. The birth was the easiest of three for Mom and we were home 48 hours later thinking we were pros and had done all of this before.

Then our family contracted RSV. To most people it's very much like a highly contagious cold, it was annoying but nothing serious for Mom, our two daughters and I. Unfortunately for our newborn son it was serious. My incredibly astute wife quickly identified he wasn't ok and took him to our pediatrician who sent us to the hospital. His oxygen levels were dangerously low and he struggled for a week in the hospital before we could take him home, still on oxygen. We had to constantly monitor his oxygen levels while listening to him struggle to breath.

Thankfully we also got to experience his improvement each day as his coughs became fewer and breathing became regular again. Last night we were able to remove his oxygen tube. I'm not good at sharing emotion even though I know it's ok but last night I cried when I saw him flailing about in his crib again, happy and healthy once more. I've had to deal with my sick daughters and being unable to really do anything but nothing could prepare me for that experience with such a vulnerable newborn.

Say hi to Colin James (CJ).


Glad to hear all is well.
Hey CJ! You're a tough lil cookie

Good to hear! We has similar RSV issues with our son right after we met him at 4 months old

Still weird to me that I met him, thought I’d know him for six months or so, and then two weeks later my wife and I were spending overnights in the hospital with him

You go, CJ!

My wife's boss's four month old caught CSV his first week in daycare. All good now, but stressful as can be as a parent!

Glad is everything is ok and he is doing better MrWynd.

We had our baby daughter 3 weeks ago. Our toddler got the rhinovirus in the worse timing ever. So my wife got it and baby girl got it too. Had to go back to hospital because she was just so lethargic. So lethargic, that she didn't even want to wake up to eat. Which is very scary. Everything is fine now but scary for sure. And I am in the medical field. Makes it even scarier I think.

Dang, that new is crazy to deal with. My youngest boy was hospitalized for almost a week at 11 months and that was tough. Glad to hear all is good!