Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1

GWJ Conference Call 789

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta (Steam/Xbox), Inscryption (PC), Gloomhaven (PC), Dungeon Encounters (Switch), Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5), Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1 (PC).

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Amanda, Shawn, Rich and Aaron sit down to discuss their Video Game Mixed Tapes.

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00:01:30 Halo Infinite
00:11:05 Inscryption
00:18:30 Gloomhaven
00:26:05 Dungeon Encounters
00:34:11 Guardians of the Galaxy
00:38:19 Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1
00:53:45 Video Game Mixtapes
01:05:08 Thread of the Week

Wait, mourning dead parents, running around their huge mansion, solving crimes, beating people up, and dressing in black leather? We sure we're not talking about a Batman prequel video game?

After a few weeks of Dungeon Encounters praise I picked it up and have played a lot this Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps we want to have some discussions or share short fiction?

Dungeon Encounters Catch-All