NFL 2021: The Week 12 thread

iaintgotnopants wrote:

Is Tim Boyle contagious?

Yeah but it's just a variant of GABBERT-11.

iaintgotnopants wrote:
*Legion* wrote:

picked off by Antoine Winfield's son (and Golden Gopher 2020 draftee) Antoine Winfield Jr,

He has a tendency to do that. I could provide video evidence of previous examples if you would like.

I already took my rebuking correction like a man!

University of Oklahoma is supposedly targeting Kliff Kingsbury for their coaching opening.

I would certainly enjoy the Cardinals losing their coach just as they've gotten good.

Teddy with the usual passing TD now.

49ers up still but just gave up a long TD.

Denver defense pick 6. Good times.

Stele wrote:

Denver defense pick 6. Good times.


What a find. Deserves a contract to stay on next year for sure.

And Baltimore playing tonight. Injury disaster as usual...


It looks like a load screen from an indie fantasy RPG.

Rams/Packers and Vikings/49ers both with decent scorigami odds...

Just want the Niners to win at this point.

Stele wrote:

Just want the Niners to win at this point.

Don't be selfish.

Scorigami > your team winning in the regular season ;D

Pink Stripes wrote:
Gumbie wrote:

Turns out its really hard to win with practice squad guys.

Yeah. If there's a playoff rematch with AJ, Julio and a decent LB corps, it's going to be a very different game.

That score did not reflect that game and Titans weren't half bad with those practice squad guys. They were dominating at the line, on both sides, but turnovers killed them. Pats are going to have to fix those huge running holes.

*Legion* wrote:

MVP McCorkle will be stronger by then too though.

He was looking so good until he completely missed the wide open Henry in the end zone!

Niners missed 42 yarder to ice it. Defense needs to hold for 90 seconds, up 8.

Whew... they do

I kinda hate that Carson Wentzd while Tom Brady Bradied the game and won in the 4th.

Awful time management by McVay. Running on 3rd and 1 with no timeouts, even if you get the first down, the time is pissing away.

Rams lost.

Saints lost.

Panthers lost.

Eagles lost.

Vikings lost (thanks to the Niners).

Niners won.

Huge boost for the Niners' wildcard positioning.

The only thing that would have been better would be the Falcons losing too, but that would have required the Jaguars not being the Jaguars.

I know the universe hates me because we are 100% getting a Patriots vs Bucs SB. No matter who wins we all lose.

12 men on the field and still can't stop Lamar.

*Legion* wrote:

Awful time management by McVay. Running on 3rd and 1 with no timeouts, even if you get the first down, the time is pissing away.

Looks like he didn't eat his Chunky soup.

Lamar appears to have caught the Tim Boyle as well.

How many of Lamar's interceptions have hit his WR in the hands first? Too damn many

So, is Baker hurt, or just bad?

WTF that 3rb interception popped loose on the ground.

WTF is review for? Every turnover and last 2 minutes and they still f*cked it up. NCAA > NFL


f*ck this replay crew

This game is bleaker than every Cormac McCarthy book combined.

The last 4-interception win in the NFL was... Baltimore vs Cleveland, 2013.

At what point do the Browns put Mayfield in IR and think about next year? Because they just look really mediocre and that's what you really don't want to be.

Ugly ugly win.

Paleocon wrote:

Ugly ugly win.

Think that's bad, imagine being on the losing side. Your defense gets a million turnovers and allows 16 points and you lose because... checks notes...

Your QB can't complete a pass.

And you can't play your serviceable backup because...


Insurance commercials.