Shin Megami Tensei V Negotiate-All

I have to better understand this games sytem.. but ok so far

Hmm famitsu article says this game sold 800k and is now best selling SMT game. At least that's what someone on Twitter says the translation says hehe.

Yesterday night I unlocked the upgrade that lets my demons use items. This is probably the upgrade I've been most excited for, so far. Time to buy a whole bunch of additional stones and gems!

Ah, nice to know that’s an upgrade you can get. I’ve wanted to do that many times already.

Yeah me too! Spoiler for location:


It's from the first abscess you'll find upon entering the second big area.

Can somone spoiler TAG the location of the nPC that sells the map on the 1st zone please?

You mean the map of the Miman? That's the only map seller I've found. If so, here you go.


It's right before the end of that section -- you have to have made it through and past Bethel -- and it costs 2,500 macca. I kept thinking that the first section had to be ending soon, but it went on for a lot longer. When you reach the end, though, you'll know you're there.

gotcha thx

I thought I’d probably found most of the miman in the first zone but I got the map and nope, more like half.