NCAA Basketball 21-22 Catch-All


Stele wrote:

I remember fans of UK calling Louisville's players the n-word in the 80s and 90s. To my face. They refused to play us for 24 years through the 60s and 70s because their coach was a racist. And considering the way their fans treated Tubby Smith in the aughts, and considering how many of their fans are Trumpers... Well f*ck UK fans. Yeah even the ones that are in my family.

That sounds particularly awful, and definitely cause for abject dislike. I struggle pretty mightily with the idea that there are hardcore Trump fans that are also UNC basketball fans. The cognitive dissonance must be intense for them to somehow carry both.

On the same token, I have another high school acquaintance that is an ardent Kentucky fan. Super into the whole thing, to the point of being a pain in the ass. I don't think he would have tolerated ANY of the behavior above, and is also a die-hard progressive. However, none of that anecdotal knowledge helps at ALL with your experiences. I don't know what the answer is, but I feel like we all have to come to some sort of internal sense of balance on these topics. I'm feel like I'm still working on mine.

Stele wrote:
Tyrian wrote:

An interesting development for Louisville...

Nolan Smith leaves Duke for Assoc Head Coaching job at Louisville

I've been hearing the rumors for 2 weeks but Duke kept winning.

Nolan coming home. Still a little sad he didn't play here. Could have won another with him back then when we were already overall #1 seed in 09. But maybe he can hang a banner as coach.

So Nolan officially introduced a week later.

And today, Danny Manning joins Kenny Payne's staff!

So yeah... our entire coaching staff won NCAA championships as players and were drafted in the NBA. That's kind of what every college player dreams of. Think we might be ok recruiting.

Probably. I mean, Manning did ok at Wake Forest... but Louisville is a better basketball school.