What games do you want to spend MORE money on?

In the chase to play new experiences, many of us focus on ways of getting games cheaper. Game Pass, Humble Bundle, Steam sales, Epic freebies, are all ways of getting games for a low cost or even "free." However, maybe there are some games that you would be willing to pay more since it comes with something cool. Perhaps it's a shiny box or an art book or a statue or early access or a season pass or even a glamour. What gets you to spend more money on a game?

This post is sponsored by the $190 Elden Ring Collector's Edition that is tempting me tonight.

For me, if it's one of my favorite games of all time, I'll spend money on getting more of that game. Breath of the Wild, Doom Eternal, and especially Smash Bros. have all had me happily spending more. Physical extras usually don't interest me much any more outside of certain amiibo or a really nice-looking themed controller.

It's more about the game than the extra. Do I (expect to) enjoy it enough that I want a physical reminder around my office or mancave, reminding me of my time with it?

Now THAT is one hell of a twist for a question.

I guess it depends on how you're spending the money:

If you slap on a fresh coat of paint, I'll pay for that paint.
Anything Bioware. Especially Jade Empire which is long overdue for an update.
Sure, Skyrim, but it's Friday so I'm suing they re like 11 remasters have come out today.
LoTRO which is a fun but ancient looking game now
Freedom Force

More content:
I'm enjoying the content, don't need more content, but if it happens to show up sure I'll pick it up
Civ 6 and Beyond Earth
WoW (hoping they get back on track)
Baldur's Gate anything
Mass Effect anything
Warhammer Total War anything
Left 4 Dead
Sleeping Dogs

Just throw more cash at them:
Basically any game that was run by a small team and had a cheap price but did such a good job you would have paid even more to support the team and hopefully lead to DLC or a Sequel

...you will note that Cyberpunk is not on any of these lists...

Can I just pay for the soundtrack to EVERY game please and thank you?

I will probably buy whatever absurdly priced collector's edition of Elder Scrolls VI there is, and I'll probably be tempted to get a collector's edition of Final Fantasy XVI.

I practically threw my wallet at the screen when Burnout Paradise's remaster was announced.

As for older games, I sometimes wish I could pay for additional bug fixes and patches for things like The Witcher series, older Elder Scrolls games, etc. Those games that I really liked, but had buggy quests and the like. I guess the closest thing we have to that at this point is all the remasters/remakes coming out these days. But I'd be fine just having the original games spruced up a bit in the bugs department.

More songs for all the VR dance/exercise games, yer Beat Sabers and Synth Riders.

If you gave me a good, deep RPG with a fun story I would buy your stupid swaggy CE bundle. I hope DA4 (or whatever they call it) will be that game.

More content! More content that is easy to install and play, no messing around with mods and hoping there are no conflicts. So Skyrim AE is ideal for me, I have SE so for £16 more get a hugh amount of extra content already fully working.

I would like more songs for Rock Band. I am already more than a few thousand dollars into that franchise. I apparently can afford spending even more money on that game.

The 10th anniversary edition of Skyrim looks like it has some awesome new items and quests. I may be buying it depending on reviews.

Board games. There are a handful that I'd love a really nice version of, with like a sweet case, hand crafted pieces, etc. We can get this for Chess but not for Feast for Odin?!

Kickstarter/crowdfunded games.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

If you gave me a good, deep RPG with a fun story I would buy your stupid swaggy CE bundle.

Or more specifically, this.

For Path of Exile, it’s the fact that it’s given me hundreds of hours of sheer fun, and yet costs nothing. So I support the devs with cosmetic purchases. More devs should offer free AAA games with this system, rather than pay to win. It’s a risk but clearly Grinding Gears had the right formula. Great game and more than enough money coming in to keep it in perpetual development.

For small shop games, if I just like it, I’ll usually go for whatever they are offering, to keep them going. I can afford it this late in my career and I like to support talent where I find it, especially in niche games. Buying a soundtrack or DLCs from an indie shop is a good way to support them.

But basically any game I have more than like 30 hours in I’ll buy what interests me to support the devs.