GWJ Extra Life Weekends Kickoff Nov 6th!


Extra Life Update:

Though Extra Life is on all year round, we wanted to remind everyone that we're kicking off Extra Life Weekends this sarting Saturday the 6th, and will be highlighting streams and streamers throughout the weekend! We'll be hoping to feature you folks every weekend until the end of the year. We can definitely work with your schedules, so reach out if you're interested in participating.

Some folks have already done AMAZING work so far, and it's so exciting to see everyone come out and show support. Please drop by to cheer on streamers, say hello, and support a great cause.

Please check out the original thread here:
Join the Team for GWJ Extra Life 2021

You should join the GWJ Extra Life Team!
Do it.

Would you like to use some of our GWJ Extra Life Overlay Assets?
You can find them here! (GDrive link)

Would you like to stream on the GamersWith Jobs Twitch Channel?
Book it through our Calendly and I'll contact you.

If you would prefer to stream from your own twitch channel, but have us host you instead, go ahead and book the Calendly link above, as well.


Let’s DO THIS!!!!!! I’m so excited and ohnoholymackerelonacrackerIhaven’tdoneanytestsyet and I’m kicking it off a little earlier, in less than 15 hours! It’s going to be EPIC!

I'm looking forward to this weekend BIG TIME!

I know I'm so extremely last minute. Will work on posting my full stream schedule later tonight!

My partner and I are gonna give streaming a try by playing a holiday themed hidden object game on 12/4. It's gonna be some janky fun. Currently running a twitter poll on what game to play if anyone wants to weigh in:

The poll was a tie so we decided to go with the Hallmark-esque hidden object game, Home For Christmas!

Grab a warm drink and get cozy with us on Saturday at 8p CST. Can't wait to see you (and all the hidden objects) there!

I'm quite excited to delve the depths of the uncanny valley that is Big Fish Hidden Object games
These games are honestly so f*cking weird.