Laptop question

My wife was looking to replace our son's laptop. He currently has (about 2 years:)
Lenovo Ideapad AMD A6 9225
Radon 4.5 compute cores
2c+3G. 2.6 the
Ram 4 gig, windows 10 home 2004
The hdd looks to be 300 gigs.

She saw:
Target/Electronics/Computers & Office/Laptops‎
HP 14" Laptop with Windows Home in S Mode – AMD Athlon Processor - 4GB RAM - 128GB SSD Storage


Which one is better? The technobabble I can never understand, so I turn here for help. Thanks to the smart people!

What's it being used for?

And links to the laptops would make things easier.

I believe this is the second one.

That's the second one, I actually can't even find the first, I put it in a search bar and it shows a computer he doesn't have. I'll have to see if I can find the one he has.

He mainly uses it for Minecraft and Roblox for now.

Minecraft is a moderately resource-intensive game from a cpu standpoint.

Roblox a bit less so, but there's some games within it that will run at 10 fps without enough horsepower.

If he's not doing much else with the device then bang for your buck the best thing to get is an Xbox Series S.

However, if we're taking laptops so he can do more than just play games and consume media then the next question is:

What's the top end of your budget? Or are you looking to spend as little money as possible while still upgrading him?

garion333 wrote:

I believe this is the second one.

MaxShrek wrote:

That's the second one

So, don't buy this. It only has 128 GB of storage on the SSD. Windows will take up a big chunk. You'll have to hook up an external hard drive for your boy to do much more than Roblox and Minecraft.

Also, you really do want to get him something with 8 GB of RAM. His current laptop has 4 GB, this one has 4 GB and that's not really functional anymore, even when using Windows and not gaming.

The more I look at laptops at this price range I see 128 SSD is super popular. Might be hard to avoid...