My heart goes out to Bill Harris

Bill is a blogger on games and on life. He's shared his life and passions with us for years to the point where he's family.
This month he's had tragedy hit and it's a loss of someone we've come to know. Bill expresses love in his writings and he's let us in to how much he cares about his family.
I'm posting here because for me GWJ and DQ are tied at the hip. Many of us came here after the Gone Gold blog faded away and it it's GWJ and DQ that best represented our gaming selves at the time. Bill is part of our community, and I really feel for what he's going through.

Yes, I was quite shocked. I mean accidents happen all the time without warning but it still feels surprising.

I can't imagine what Bill and his son are going through. While Bill's readers never "met" Gloria, her personality and wit always found a way of making an impression.

Thank you for sharing this. What utterly awful news. All the best to Bill and his family.

For someone I’ve never met, this hit me harder than I thought possible. I’ve read Bill’s blog ever since the Gone Gold days, and sent a few things his way for his Friday posts over the years. His blogs about raising his son were motivational for me after my boys were born. So tragic. So sorry for their loss.

Damn, that sucks, but I am glad it wasn't Eli, which was my fear when I opened the thread.

I had stopped reading his blog regularly, but it was still in my short list of bookmarks. Like many here, I remember Gone Gold, and eventually found my way here. Eli is about 9 months older than my first born, and so I also felt a connection there. I'm so sorry for their loss.

I've been checking in with Bill since GG. I still mentally reach back to his writings on Eli as I raise my own sons. Reading what he posted in his blog immediately took me to the small room where my Brother, Mother, and I sat two years ago and decided not to continue treatment for my father. Immediately after expressing our wishes my mother broke down and said about my father, "We were a team." This is heartbreaking and I'm so sorry for them. And now he's going to break it down and offer his insites in hopes of helping others who find themselves in a similarly unfortunate circumstance. Thank you Bill, and I'm sorry.