Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Catch-All


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is an action-adventure game, developed by Eidos-Montréal, where you guide the Guardians and try to save the universe. Probably.

I have a real soft spot for GotG, and so this is one of my more anticipated games of the fall. Initial reviews look good, and I'm looking forward to it.

This looks like it may be up my alley. A silly super hero story that I can have fun with for a few hours, I'll bite when I have a few minutes (or see it on sale).

Based on the reviews, I went ahead and bought at full price. A single player, story-driven game with no dlc - i wanted to support the market. I'll probably wait until next week to start, just to give the patches time to catch up(as well as achievement guides, with full disclosure). Looks like a fun ride!

Dammit, Sally, you're really pushing me to buy it based on principle. And here I was fine waiting for a sale or eventual Gamepass announcement.

I felt the same way initially, but when you see how infrequently AAA games are released as full sp, no dlc, I felt like I had to vote with my dollars.

Yeah, as much as I enjoyed the general single-player experiences of Avengers, the loot-grind aspects of it turned me off.

So, this being single player and more linear doesn't necessarily sound like a bad thing to me. Looking forward to sitting down with it tonight.

I ordered. After the strong reviews I was sold on it.

I'm very interesting in this but the $90+ CAD price tag makes me extremely hesitant.

Out Now: Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cloud Version Is Out, But Try The Demo First

It's fair to say that plenty of Switch owners are yet to be convinced of the value and viability of 'cloud versions' of high-end multi-platform games. Sometimes the technology can be surprisingly good, but if there are connection issues at your end or - indeed - on the host server, the games quickly become unplayable.

The latest major release to try a Cloud Version on Switch is Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, which is out now on the eShop. You can buy it outright of course, but you're strongly advised to download the demo first to stress-test your connection and decide whether you're happy with the service. In this case it seems to drop you mid-way through an early section of the game, clearly designed to let you run around and see how it works.

We've tried the opening part of the demo twice, on what is typically a very fast home connection, and the results were a little disappointing. The first time it outright froze after 30 seconds before bringing up a notification that it was trying to connect. We then reloaded and played without connection errors, but image quality was modest alongside stutters and some noticeable input lag.

In any case, if you're interested in it - or just curious - the demo is a tiny download, so you can try it out and let us know how you get on in the comments.

The reviews looks promising but no one has talked about the sponginess of enemies. The gameplay I watched made most enemies look like they took a while to go down to blasters. Can anyone confirm if this is just the opening levels that every reviewer seems to be showing or if it is across the whole game?

Thank you.

Very interested in this game. I'm considering treating myself...

I want to try this but I am pretty close to my data limit. I’ll let them patch it first and next month is gonna be heavy too with all the releases. Hoping to fit AOE IV in to the cap this month.

Subscribed because it looks good but it's a hefty full price tag and I can definitely wait on a SP game.

Is there a demo to this game besides the Switch?

I am sold on the game in the opening area. I am such an old geek.


Chewbacca, Tron - makes sense, owned by Disney. But Deathtrap Dungeon! Gateway to Apshai!

There's an Axis and Allies type box on a shelf entitled "Goodies and Baddies" and that's just too good.

This looks like an actually good version of a licensed property single player game (my bar is low given how bad I found Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to be). Hard to gauge what the soundtrack is like as all the streams have to strip the music because of DMCA, but the song list looks dope.

The songs are good so far.

I played through Chapters 1 and 2 tonight - had a ball.

Switch demo was not really a demo for the game as much as a demo for the internet. Without a big fight how am I supposed to know if it will work in large group fights that are more intense?

Yeah I am definitely down to play this, I'm just trying to resist grabbing it right away, might wait for a sale or even just a patch or two.

I only played 1/2 an hour or so but it has been fun. I don't think I bought anything else new this year (but lots of used) so it feels like a treat.

Just finished Chapter 4, and fought a boss. The combat is pretty chaotic, but I'm getting more of a handle on it.

Why, why can't developers make combat better? GoTG is following the Uncharted style of just tons and tons of enemies spewing from every corner with little to no rhyme or reason.

For awhile I tried to think about which enemies I wanted to hit with which partner power - I would try to grapple them down with Groot then bomb them with Rocket but in this last section the waves are just so unrelenting and coming from every direction that I just have to shoot until a cooldown is over then fire off whatever partner power is up at whatever enemy is near. I can't really plan, I can't really see a good way to plan because it all happens so fast.

Very much like Uncharted really. Great story, fun characters, and combat that just becomes a slog instead of a fun experience.

That matches up with a couple reviews I saw, that said the combat is passable but the writing and characters are the star of the show.

I am on Chapter 4 and so far Loving the game. Is pretty, i enjoy the banter, and the story is fun. Combat is fairly meh, but it is more like an interactive movie. I recommend mucho.

This is the first game in a while that had me wake up half an hour before my regular time to get in some gaming.

Love the game so far. Combat is ok and maybe just a bit frantic and chaotic. I like using Rocket's grav grenade to pull enemies together, than an AOE attack from Groot or Drax. The lighting shots are also great in that they chain to nearby enemies.

But totally agree on the story, characters, and set pieces being amazing. Decisions are minor but add enough variety so you care about what you say/decide. Absolutely recommend this game.

Broke down and grabbed this yesterday, really enjoying it, after a few hours of play my biggest surprise is I actually prefer this version of the characters to the movies.

I'm still enjoying the game, but Chapter 10 has been more buggy than usual. I've had to restart checkpoints several times, and even look up a walkthrough to make sure I was doing the right thing.

I had to restart once there as well but for me it was just one time.

Also, picked this up. I enjoy this universe and these characters and the writing seems pretty solid. Also, very pretty. My only complaint is I keep expecting to see Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.

Just gave in and bought the game.

I am about 10 hours in and loving it.