Disciples liberation. No morality meters in sight.

Disciples liberation is a new top-down tactical RPG with intriguing fight mechanics and the promise of complicated moral choices.

[youtube]https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3BYnBf... trailer]

Indepth written review.

I played the old Disciples games to death. The depth of combat, progression and balance will make or break this game not the graphics or storyline we get in a teaser. I'll watch for reviews!

Interesting. I didn't realise this was part of a series.

It's essentially the fourth game in the series. The first, second and third games had expansions and multiple iterations, but this is essentially Disciples 4.

Yeah, I played a lot of Disciples II back in the day. It kind of fell under the radar at the time because HOMM IV and Age of Wonders II came out about the same time.

These new games are by different developers and are significantly different in a lot of ways, but still interested in seeing how this one does.

So I streamed this morning and enjoyed it very much. It needs to explain some things better and the writing is questionable, but one thing really stood out:

The voice acting. Dear god the voice acting. I’ve heard bad voice acting in my time (mid-2000s eastern European space games anyone?) but holy sh*t it was HILARIOUS in this game. There was one guard in particular that had me CRYING.

I’ll likely keep playing it but dang.

This game just forces faction choices, romance choices and whatnot before you get your feet settled at all .. I kinda dig it

I enjoyed Disciples 1 and 2 for their darkness at a time when HOMM was the bright saturated and fantastical setting. 3 was not as great to me. I remember it took forever to level up your units.

From the reviews I've seen, the combat gameplay looks like what HOMM and Princess Bounty games have been missing. Or is this deceiving? Perhaps it's just the protagonist with a whole bunch of spells that makes combat look more tactical. I mean, your heroes in HOMM could cast spells too albeit they weren't units on the battlefield.