Metroid: Dread

GWJ Conference Call 783

Metroid: Dread (Switch), Far Cry 6 (PS5), Back4Blood (PS5), Diablo 3 (PC), Agatha Christie: Hercule Poirot(PC).

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Amanda, Glendon and Rich are joined by Aaron to discuss Set Pieces in Gaming.

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00:02:10 Metroid: Dread
00:19:58 Far Cry 6
00:28:05 Back 4 Blood
00:35:04 Diablo 3
00:41:40 Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The First Cases
00:44:46 Gaming Set Pieces
01:03:20 Your Emails

Yeah, you KNOW I wod’ve also mentioned the beginning of Mass Effect 2 as a masterful gaming set piece, so thank you Rich for giving it a nod (and Meebs for the extra gushing!). Also glad Staygold mentioned Outer Wilds because if he hadn’t, I would’ve.

I would also have given a nod to Prey, which has an amazing set piece (you know the one I mean). The Dishonored games also have some really, really good ones, it’s hard to name just one, because they’re amazing.
I also have good memories of Assassin’s Creed 2, the whole set up in the beginning, but it’s been so long, it could be just rose colored glasses.
OH OH OH, and Saints Row the Third. Honestly. That whole first mission is just bananas, it starts with the dial set to 100 and just keeps turning it up from there. And it’s just… yeah, wow, mind blowing and hilarious and so over the top. And it tells you EXACTLY what you’re in for.

Also yay Extra Life!!!! Look forward to it, folks!!

What Jonman said about roguelikes really hits home for me. Ironically I hadn’t been able to articulate my love/hate relationship with roguelikes, but Jonman really captured how I feel about them.

I would like roguelikes a bit more if they all had a “god mode” similar to Hades. I want the progression and perks to open up more quickly.

When Rich started to talk about "The Ashtray Maze" I actually shouted "YES!" at my speaker. I wasn't expecting anything like that to happen in the game and didn't realise how ready for it I was. Afterwards when Faden says "That was amazing" I was literally saying the exact same thing.

Another of my favourite set-pieces comes towards the end of Red Dead Redemption when you've completed the main missions and just have to ride home to your family. There's an acoustic track playing and along with the visuals of the snow all around the forest you're riding through it's all very....emotive. A fantastic ending to one of my favourite games.

Excellent podcast as usual.

I think I need to play Saints Row The Third now.

I'm only just starting to listen to this. Meebs, what boss were you thinking about, in Metroid Dread, at the time of recording? If you were 3 EMMIs in, I have a guess that you were maybe ...


At Kraid? Or maybe the next one after that? I just finished that (next) one and it was BRUTAL.