God of War: Ragnarok: Kratos and the Dad-Feels 2

So they have 11-09-2022 as the release date and the video was released today. I don't want to get too excited but I can't imagine them screwing up that badly. It must be accurate,....please?

Dyni wrote:

You know... I was hoping they'd take the 11/11/22 spot from Starfield just for the memes

Spikeout wrote:

I'll not be watching the future State of Play breakdown on Ragnarok as the last trailer was plenty.

Same. I'm confident enough in what I've seen and heard to know that I'm safe to enter blackout mode.

This confirmation is good motivation to finally replay through the original again on PS5.

It’s almost as if they’ve deliberately side stepped rubbing Bethesda’s nose in it.

I’m part way though a play through of the first game. Might be time to pick it back up. It’s certainly interesting seeing the bits of lore they show in the context of what we know about the sequel.

Thought I’d pop the new gameplay here. I wasn’t really interested in watching it but it is good to see a bit more combat and it doesn’t feel spoilery at all.


The latest trailer. I watched a little (looks phenomenal) then bailed.

It looks great but I expected that. I guess for a trailer I was hoping a glimpse of some new tidbit. Oh well I will buy it anyway.

Alannah has some interesting things to say about the trailer. Basically it boils down to, ‘You have no idea what’s waiting for you in the game beyond what’s shown in the trailer.’


God of War Ragnarok is around 40 hours in length, Insider Gaming has learned. It’s understood that the entire experience is around 40 hours, with 20 hours needed to complete the game’s main story.

Sources have said that around 3 and a half hours of the 20 hours played will be cinematic scenes, with the remaining 16 and a half hours for gameplay.

The other 20 hours of game time is to complete all of the additional side quests, with around 19 hours dedicated to gameplay and an additional 1 hour of cinematics.

Of course, these numbers are just estimates and will vary wildly depending on your playstyle.

This would mean that God of War Ranarok’s length would be around the same length as God of War (2018) with its main story, but around 8-9 hours longer with its side quests. According to How Long To Beat, which tracks how long it takes people to complete games, the average completion time of God of War 2018’s main story and side questions is around 32 hours.

It was revealed 2 weeks ago that the file size for God of War Ragnarok is around 90.6GB on the PlayStation 4, which will be double the size of the 2018 game if true.

Oh interesting.

It’s getting close. Just over a month away.

I hope the side quests are as meaty & well thought out as the main story stuff. I'd love for some of them to take you to brand new, out of the way locations.

I will be firing Ragnarok up as soon as it hits midnight on the 9th November & playing for a couple of hours before bed. This seems like the last big release for 2022 considering Hollow Knight: Silksong isn't coming until next year.

Ragnarok’s gone gold. Whoo!

God of War Ragnarok - Opening Impressions - Don't Mess with Kratos

Damn it. I was feeling all calm and relaxed, ready to buy this a few months after release but now I’m getting flippin’ excited.

Edit: And another. Everyone’s sounding positive.

Apparently spoilers for the game are very widespread.

I’m not on any social media really but I’m probably going to have to avoid YouTube as much as possible. I may actually change my plans and play the game as soon as possible.

I've heard the Kinda Funny crew's impressions as well as Kyle Hilliard & Jacob Geller from Minnmax. It's sounding very positive indeed.

Gameplay wise I didn't expect a big shift but I'm hoping there will be enough improvements & changes to make it feel somewhat fresh.

I'm excited to see how well they portray Thor & Odin. To see if the world serpent is a big part of the game, the first time seeing that thing with it's own language blew me away, the scale was amazing. I'm interested to see how Atreus personality has grown since their last outing. I can't wait to hear Mimir's stories, which were so expertly written in the first game. I'm hoping there's some cool element to exploration like how the Lake Of The Nine changed over the course of GOW 2018.

I started my replay of the first game last night. It still looks damn good by today's standards. I'll be curious to see if the sequel is much of an improvement visually.


God of War Ragnarök on PS5 - The Digital Foundry Tech Review

God of War Ragnarok - Easy Allies Review

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Metacritic kicks off at a 94 average. Good stuff.

Yep. Sounding very positive. My excitement is peaking. Resolve not to play this straight away weakening.

AaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaGhhhhhh pre-ordered.

This tweet from Gene Park might be the most exciting praise I've seen for the game yet:

God of War Ragnarok has finally dethroned The Witcher 3 with the best side quests I’ve played in an adventure game. The game’s coolest fights, most heartfelt stories and grandest areas are in the side quests. Do not skip them.

MinnMax are doing a Deepest Dive on the game. Basically an episodic play though where they discuss each section thoroughly between themselves with comments and questions from the community. They give a point in the story to play to for each episode so you can watch them as you play through it yourself without risking spoilers. I might try to follow it as I play.

Not me walking round to the brick'n'mortar game stores during my lunch break to see if anyone's broken street date like it's 2007.

This has become my first pre-order in a few years, looks like everything I want in a sequel.

I liked their stuff on Elden Ring so here is the Fextralife review

I do not know, and I don't want to be spoiled but lots of reviews mention a very emotional event in the first few hours and I predict


You will have to kill Freya. Lot of clips of her attacking Kratos on a sled because she is enraged about Kratos killing her deadbeat, evil, horrible, deserving to die son in the last game (small judgement about Baldur) so it make complete sense that she gets killed by Kratos.
Heck maybe the meat of the story is Kratos and Atreus going to the underworld to save her or something because her death triggers Ragnarok in some way.

That’s phenomenal. I’m so pleased for them all. What a year for video games.

Ok, much as it pains me, the purchase of Ragnarok has been postponed to the end of the year while I sort out some irl jobs I should have tackled long ago. I get to look forward to playing the game for a couple of extra months.

Higgledy wrote:

Ok, much as it pains me, the purchase of Ragnarok has been postponed to the end of the year while I sort out some irl jobs I should have tackled long ago. I get to look forward to playing the game for a couple of extra months.

Take some consolation in the fact that it will be cheaper by then.