Triple Monitor Switch

I'm starting the plans for my dream desk setup. 3 monitors on wall mounted arms, potential standing desk, ability to easily switch between work and play computers, etc. One item I'd like to buy now while work is still willing to give me $200 for my home office is a triple monitor port switch.

Right now, when I want to switch my two monitors between my gaming pc and work Macbook, it's a whole lot of unplugging and plugging. I'd like to buy a monitor switch and future proof it to work with three monitors.

I found this on Amazon:

I have a few concerns though:

  • It lists [email protected] Does this mean my gaming monitor (144hz) is going to be limited or is this a different stat and not related?
  • Any compatibility concerns with a Macbook pro? Haven't tried three monitors on it yet as well.
  • Any other considerations I need to think about?

Ah, forgot about that thread. This is pretty random