NFL 2021: The Week 3 thread

detroit20 wrote:

I love the ship metaphor! The Giants never quite get bad enough to encourage a total teardown that was needed.

My own view is that the team should have parted company with Eli at the end of the 2017 season when their record was 3-13. instead, they hung on for two more season while disposing of players like Odell Beckham Jr and Jason Pierre- Paul. (Sorry. $65 million in guarantees only the previous year, OBJ. And 2020 Super Bowl Champion, JPP.)

The last four years have felt like watching a team acquiring and disposing of all the right pieces... at precisely the wrong time. That takes real skill.

I'm expecting carnage at management level at the end of this season. I predict a cascade of firings. Judge will get rid of Garrett to save his job. Gettleman will get rid of Judge for the same reason. Mara will get rid of Gettleman to placate the fanbase...

I would like to see Mara get rid of them all, including Gettleman, Judge, Garrett and the entire scouting staff, set aside his damn loyalty and hire from external candidates. I am so tired of Gettleman's sh*tty picks from Saquon, lack of rebuilding the Oline, lack of bringing in a pure pass rusher that I want him gone after this season. I was never a big fan of picking a RB that high in the draft where they could have improved their lines and built from there. Then they go ahead and start to ruin their new QB as well. Now the Giants have a GM who is oblivious and put them in cap hell, an OC who lack creativity and a HC who talks a big game but is clueless with his game decision making. If Mara doesn't have a look in the mirror and break tradition of loyalty, it's going to continue to sink this ship.

Paleocon wrote:

The rumor is that Caserio turned down three ones and three twos for Deshaun Watson during the draft.

On that decision alone he should go down in history as the most incompetent executive since Ethelred the Unready.

I'll take the things that Joe Douglas actually did do over the last few years over a rumor.

I am disappointed there are more baseball execs in this list.

In fact, I can fill the entire team with Browns coaches, owners, and gms.

Lions release Jamie Collins in order to get younger guys experience. No one wanted to trade for him.

I'm genuinely interested in where he will land. He may have enough left in the tank to give a boost to a playoff team in need of a rusher (read: all of em). He sure would make a nice Raven addition. Chiefs probably in play.

He's gonna end up back with Tom, isn't he?

My entire work team is based out of Wichita and they are all Chiefs fans. They have been giving me crap all week about how my Ravens got bailed out by Tucker's 66 yarder, to which I have been bringing up the home loss to the Chargers. Today, however, I have been saying "put 20 random Chiefs on the inactive list and see if you can pull off a road win in Philly".

I swear, the Ravens are running out of duct tape and baling wire.

Absolutely no Chief fan should be talking any kind of crap right about now.


Goddamn it, he chose that uniform number? Somebody close all the cheeseburger stands within three miles of RayJay, this ends badly.