IGWJD 2021

Vote - International GWJ Day


The IGWJD 2021 Date Selection Survey

Hello everyone! To help plan for International Gamers With Jobs Day for 2021, please take a moment to provide your feedback on which weekend would work best for you with the The IGWJD 2021 Date Selection Survey. In order to facilitate planning, the last day for voting submissions will be 11pm ET on Thursday, September 30th.

Apologies in advance for the somewhat short notice on voting! Since the earliest possible date would be the 16th of October, we wanted to allow for as much time as possible for planning after we have a better idea for which dates works best.

Online Hangouts

Last year, we had multiple groups scheduling online play dates, game sessions, and more—there were lots of groups hopping in and out of our Discord, and it was lovely for folks to mingle and visit with one another and play games!

On October 1st, we'll be posting another front-page article with links to a community spreadsheet to help coordinate online gaming as well as links to resources and ideas for online gathering. Multiplayer video games, online boardgaming, tabletop RPGs are all welcome! Amoebic will also work with individuals to coordinate scheduling, planning, and promoting play times and dates.

In-Person Meets

We are at a point in time where in-person gatherings can still be risky for folks in different areas. We do not want to encourage anything that may be a health or safety concern for anyone. If folks are interested in safely coordinating in-person meetups, we strongly suggest ensuring all are vaccinated, masked, and observing local health mandates in your country. We do not want to create situations that could put you, your loved ones, or public service workers at risk.

At this time, we're still heavily encouraging online meetups and play, as it is the safest solution for everyone. It's also the best way to play games with your fellow GWJ folks around the world.


Sadly I doubt Blaseball will have returned by any of those dates, but fingers crossed!

Bumping as just a reminder that we'll be finalizing our selections in the next couple of days