NBA 2021-22 Season Catch-All

It seems like there are a few possibilities for the outcome of the series.
In truth, I am guessing it is a combination of all these factors.

Boston wore down from their longer prior rounds.
Fatigue causes mental lapses.
Mental lapses cause fatigue.
Experience beat out youth in combating both of those.
Youth wasn't as strong as expected when in most games, GSW got most of the loose balls.
Boston was not expecting the GSW to be stronger than what they had faced in prior rounds.
Boston was not expecting GSW to match them physically.
If I were to assess the defenses, GSW is consistently strong but more opportunistic.
Boston is more consistently stronger but at least in the finals, less opportunistic. (again, out rebounded and less loose balls)
Kerr may have figured Boston out. It was an incredible chess match the first 3 games. Kerr got so much production in all areas of play from a variety of sources, that it is apparent he developed and maintained the winning formula.

Takeaways - Boston will be MUCH stronger next year. I hope their confidence doesn't break or doesn't break for very long.
The Nets are screwed no matter what they do. There is no way they are making it out of the east. Even if they win a round, they won't get past Boston.
GSW will have it tougher getting out of the west. But they will be better and their young players will be hungrier.

Steve Kerr, still hung over at around 7:30 pm Pacific. Oh, I know how he feels. Took me a day or two to sleep off last weekend's Vegas trip.


According to Shams, Irving and the Nets can't reach a new deal and he'll test the UFA market.

Oh no.

Dolan's gonna sign him for the Knicks.

Apparently the Lakers are interested as well...

Because that is totally what the doctor ordered for LA

Sign and trade. Reunite Russ and KD.

I can't believe the Nets are rated so highly on the odds to win the championship.
I am not a betting man but I almost couldn't hold myself back from betting against that.

I am sure the odds will get worse now, but I'm of the mind that they should get better.