Tales of Arise Catch All

Very interested in the game.
*I decided to go with the Xbox version. First time I have done that and I did it because I can play it so easily on my Chromebook with remote play. I haven't found the PS5 setup to work at well. At dozens of hours I am thinking it will be nice to let someone else use the TV and still be able to play.

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I'm sure I'll get it eventually. But I still have 2 Tales... games in the pile. Might be a while.

This is the first review that has said they finished the game and gave an estimate at their time (40 hours)

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I've been seeing 35+ hours for completion 55+ for 100% completion. That seems decent.

Definitely worried about all the talk that the first 20 hours is the best part then it gets bloaty, long dungeon running in the second half. That was enough to put this into sale territory for me.

I've never really played a Tales game, but the demo looked very good and I've been in an anime mood.

Is there any way to turn off the npc barks during combat? I had to turn off the demo after only a few minutes of combat listening to this super annoying cacophony.

That's kind of a hallmark of the Tales games in my experience--in between trying to extend combos you're just constantly going to be hearing the NPC barks as they do their artes or get hit with a status affect.

It was a bit over the top in the demo as you had a full party out of nowhere.

Beat the first lord over the weekend. Not a huge accomplishment because you face him fairly quickly but it was nice. Still loving the game even with the battle chatter.

First lord defeated here too

I defeated the first lord. I'm enjoying it so far.

This game contains the fakest sounding owls I've ever heard.

Second lord down.

I've generally been avoiding looking up information on the game, but I may have to, since there are so many Artes and it does not seem clear which ones I should use. I'm finishing regular battles just fine, and the boss fights usually results in some item use, but I feel that I could be more efficient. In times past this would be a game that was sold with a strategy guide on day one.