RIP Michael K. Willliams from The Wire and Boardwalk Empire

Yeah, very upsetting.

In short, f*ck.

Dammit, a phenomenal actor. f*ck drugs. sh*t ain't worth it, man.

Prederick wrote:

In short, f*ck.

Yep. Loved him.

Damn. He was great in everything I saw him in.

Yeah, what a bummer.

Emmy nom this year too. Damn

That is to bad. His Omar was legend. Always put on a good performance.


I only really knew him from Lovecraft Country but he was amazing in that.

David Simon, the creator and show runner of The Wire, had touching guest essay about Williams in the NYT today.

I remember seeing him trending on Twitter and didn't make the connection. It's such a shame - he was so good in everything I'd seen him in, most recently Hap and Leonard. I think he'd have been a cool guy to hang out with.